Economics of Using AV-1011 Bird Repellent for Rice Seed

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Damage from blackbirds to rice fields in southern to central Louisiana (referencing the Interstate 10 corridor) has become problematic and can cause substantial economic losses to a newly planted rice field. The use of AV-1011 seed treatment can be applied to a bag of rice seed as a detrimental device to combat blackbird feeding habits in rice fields. Depending on the severity, blackbirds that feed on rice seed reduce the survivability of the rice stand and cause serious economic losses, if the field is not replanted. However, replanting a failed rice crop will represent an additional (or duplicative) costs outlay made by the grower. Therefore there are two options available to growers: provide an initial seed treatment with the AV-1011 repellent or replant a rice field; each with a different cost outlay made at different points in the season. This report provides an economic comparison of the two management options to a grower faced with blackbird predator pressure.

4/4/2017 1:39:42 PM
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