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A Look Ahead…

April 8-14 AgMagic, Parker Coliseum
April 13 Late Registration for Convention
April 15 Deadline to register for Parish Fun Day
May 3 Livingston VFC Fun Day, Walker Baptist Church
May 9 Council Meeting, LSU AgCenter Office 10:00am
May 14-16 LVFC Board Meeting & Convention, Lafayette

Albany News

Albany LVFCjpg

The Albany VFC Club collected and donated 164 teddy bears to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office. They also assisted the COA with calling bingo and bringing prizes.

Can Do’s News

The Can Do’s have arranged for Livingston Parish Fun Day. They are also planning to donate 55 walker caddies to the Golden Age Nursing Home.

Lady Bugs News

The hostesses of the Appreciation Luncheon have been busy preparing for the annual event. They have been making door prizes and preparing for the event.

Port Vincent News

Port Vincent LVFCjpg

The Port Vincent VFC Club assembled book bags for Livingston Head Start. They are having a Plant & Bake Sale April 13 from 9am-2pm at Bo’s Propeller Repair, 18315 Hwy. 42, Port Vincent (near the Port Vincent Bridge). The club recently participated in their Club Fun Day. They traveled to Baton Rouge and visited the Governor’s Mansion and gardens.

Lady Bugs Host Appreciation Luncheon

Dale Erdeyjpg

On April 5, 2019, LVFC members from throughout Livingston joined the Lady Bugs for the Annual Appreciation Luncheon. The keynote speaker and top sponsor for the luncheon was Senator Dale Erdey.

On hand to speak about the Blue Star Moms was Trudy Dupuy Geaux Seven Chapter Chaplain and Sandy Stockwell. A donation was made on behalf of the VFC members.

Blue Momsjpg

Club presidents or club representatives provided club reports. Also bringing excitement to the day was Kori Chisham, Director of Communications and Volunteer Outreach and Tisha McKinney, Public Information Officer Volunteer Louisiana with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

Appreciation Award pic 3jpg

They recognized the following members who donated 149 or less hours last year: De’Lane Aucoin, Carol Becnel, Carolyn Braden, Dee Burnell, Cathy Cedotal, Linda Cunningham, Renee’ Deaton, Gene Ducote, Betty Farkas, Lillian King, Mona LeBlanc, Phyllis Mack, Ruth Martin, Peggy Saucier, and Flo Stewart. Ms. Chisham and Ms. McKinney also recognized those members who volunteered 150 or more hours last year with certificates and lapel pins.The members recognized were: Connie Arceneaux, Bob Becnel, Donna Bencaz, Jeanette Berkley, Jinx Berthelot, Melonie Campbell, Carolyn Carpenter, Janella Condalary, Patti Darby, Gloria Flick, Lillian Glascock, Yvette Gonzales, Mauryce Harris, Mary

Ann Kinchen, Rita Kinchen, Marie Labello, Gail Laurent, Sharyn Lobell, Madeline Maehren, Janice McNabb, Gayle Miller, Learah Moss, Brenda Portera, Marcelle Rayner, Helen Saxon, Emily Steele, Sharon Teixeira, Mary Thornhill, and Jane Vizinat.

Appreciation Award pic 2jpg

Sharyn Lobell, LVFC Council President recognized the following new members: De’Lane Aucoin who joined in 2017, Flo Stewart, and Smokie Dixon who both joined in 2018.Those VFC members who had perfect attendance for 2018 were recognized with the Perfect Attendance Award.They were: Becky Cambre, Cathy Cedotal, Gene Ducote, Helen Saxon, Janella Condalary, Jane Vizinat, Lillie Glascock, Mary Ann Kinchen, Mary Thornhill, and Patti Darby.

Appreciation Award pic 6jpg

Appreciation Award pic 5jpg

A highlight of the luncheon were the milestone awards. Congratulations to the following milestone recipients: 5 Year Service Award- Renee’ Deaton, Madeline Maehren, and Ruth Martin, 20 Year Service Award- Jeanette Dardenne, Lillie Glascock, and Hilda Kinchen. Fifty Year Service Awards were presented to Jeannette Sibley and Patsy Sibley and posthumously to Nelda Graham.

2018 Convention Awards were present to Jinx Berthelot for her Family Life Report, Carolyn Carpenter for her Literacy Report, and to Becky Cambe’ for the Environmental Report. The LVFC recognized the passing of Lady Bugs Ernestine Miller and Can Do’s Nelda Graham.Our hearts go out to the Lady Bugs and Can Do’s.

Appreciation group picjpg

Hats off to the Lady Bugs for collecting donations to cover the expenses of the Appreciation Luncheon so that there was no cost to members or guests. The top contributor to the luncheon was Integrity Insurance Company. We are grateful for your generosity. Special thanks to the following for providing donations for the luncheon: Walker and Denham Springs Walmart, Carter’s in Livingston, Senator Dale Erdey, Erdey Insurance Company, Integrity Insurance Company, Janette Berkley, and Terri Miller as well as other private donations. We also want to thank Bethel Baptist for allowing us to host the event in their gym.


Parish Fun Day info and deadline Are You Ready for Some Fun?

Fun Day clipartjpg

The Can Do’s have arranged for the fun to come to you! Mark your calendar to join the Can Do’s on May 3 at Walker Baptist Church in Walker. Linda Collins with the West Baton Rouge Museum will begin her presentation at 10am.The registration of $15 includes lunch.Please mail your registration to Learah Moss at 38594 LA Hwy 16, Denham Springs, LA 70706. Should you have questions about Fun Day, contact Learah at 225-788-6079. Deadline to send in fee is April 15.

Meals for One or Two

We all have one thing in common—we need to eat! It may seem silly to cook for only one or two people, but it can be the wisest and most nutritious thing to do. Meals prepared at home are going to be more nutrient dense, taste better and less expensive than meals eaten away from home.

Nutrition is Still Important

Eating well and being physically active play a major role in your overall health status. First, and foremost let the USDA’s MyPlate guide you in your food choices. Make sure you are eating enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and low fat dairy to meet your nutritional needs.

Enjoy Your Meals with a Friend

Eating is a social activity and if you now find yourself eating alone and that is affecting your appetite find a friend who is in the same situation as you and make plans to eat together as often as you both can.

Set an attractive plate and table to make mealtime more inviting. Add some flowers to the table.Try a new recipe and invite family or friends to dinner.

Plan Ahead

It does take a little extra planning to prepare meals for only one or two people but planning ahead can save you not only time but money as well. Planning your meals out will help you when you shop. You can incorporate “planned-overs” into a variety of recipes for the week.An example of a planned-over is cooking a large quantity of chicken breasts at the beginning of the week and using them in several recipes for the week. For example, chicken salad, chicken casserole, chicken soup, etc.

Shop with a friend and split not only the cost of the groceries but the items as well. You will need to make sure you store the items properly to prevent spoilage once you have split a package. Label the items with the name and expiration date that is on the original packaging.

Stock Up on Basics

storage containersjpg

Keep the pantry, refrigerator and freezer stocked with basic items such as flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, herbs, spices, rice, pasta, dried beans, canned tomatoes and tomato sauce. You might also consider purchasing time-saving ingredients such as pre-washed, pre-cut fruits and vegetables if they fit into your budget.While they are usually a bit more expensive than buying the whole product, they may be in more convenient sizes for your needs. Frozen or canned fruits and vegetables are other options which are usually available in smaller containers.

Don’t Forget About Food Safety

Keeping you and your foods safe is very important as well.Even small amounts of unsafe food can cause food borne illness. Follow all the basic food safety procedures of 1) Clean, 2) Separate, 3) Cook, and 4) Chill to keep the food you prepare safe to eat.

Reduce Favorite Recipes

Try these tips to reduce recipes:

Choose recipes that easy to divide into half or thirds.

  • If a recipe calls for a can of beans or soup, use half and refrigerate or freeze the other half.
  • Add seasonings gradually. Sometimes you will need to add more or less of the spice to get the right flavor.
  • Check for doneness of halved recipes five to ten minutes sooner than the original recipe.

Keep notes about what works and what doesn’t.

Source: Smart Choices- Nutrition News for Seniors

Kindest Regards,


Layne Langley Area Nutrition Agent


6/4/2019 3:00:19 PM
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