LA Volunteers for Family & Community Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020

Karen Cambre, Langley, Layne


January 2020 Events

2: LVFC Scholarship to go out to schools
13: LVFC Soup Day, Extension Office, 10 AM
31: Parish Reports Due to State Chairmen

April 2020 Events

20-22: LVFC Board Meeting & Convention, Houma

20-24: AgMagic, Parker Coliseum

May 2020 Events

TBD: LVFC Appreciation Luncheon

President’s Message

At the November VFC Council Meeting, it was voted on to keep the current VFC Council Officers.

Albany News

Three families were adopted by Albany VFC.Members purchased items to make their Christmas a little brighter.

Lady Bugs News

Lady Bugs worked 144 hours on the plastic mats for the homeless.They constructed 10 fidget quilts, 41 prayer blankets, and two bibs.

Port Vincent News

88 pillowcases were constructed and donated to OLOL Hospital.The club also displayed their quilts at the Creole Festival.

Soup Day Set for January 13

You are invited to join us for Soup Day! Mark your calendar for January 13 at 10am at the LSU AgCenter Office. All reports will be collected at Soup Day. Please make every effort to submit your reports to your club chair before January 13. Jinx Berthelot doesn’t need pictures for her report. Just send in pages 24 & 39 (individually) to your Family Life Club Chair who will total the numbers. From the volunteer hours you submit to Jinx, I’ll pull the hours for the volunteer awards from the Lt. Governor’s Office. Other reports due at Soup Day from All clubs include: International Program of Work, Environment Program of Work, Literacy Program of Work, Individual Literacy, and Form 18. Special thanks to Jinx Berthelot for volunteering to make chicken vegetable soup and to Sharyn Lobell for volunteering to make the corn and potato soup. If you plan to join us on Soup Day, feel free to bring crackers, dips, or any other refreshment.

2019 LVFC Annual Christmas Program

Thank you to the Port Vincent VFC Club for hosting a very memorable Annual VFC Christmas Program.Christmas on the Bayou was a hit!All the clubs enjoyed the entertainment, music, and food.I’m pleased to report that the Cancer Services Donations totaled $2072.And, from the picture of the pirogue, your giving hearts will help the Foster Village with pajamas and toys.

Getting Started with Physical Activity for a Healthy Weight

Should I take any precautions before becoming more active?

People with chronic diseases, such as a heart condition, arthritis, diabetes, or high blood pressure, should talk to their doctor about what types and amounts of physical activity are appropriate.

Get Motivated!

If you’ve not been physically active in a while, you may be wondering how to get started again. Lace up those sneakers and find some motivating ideas here.

Here are some tips to help get you started:

  • Look for opportunities to reduce sedentary time and to increase active time. For example, instead of watching TV, try taking a walk after dinner.
  • Set aside specific times for physical activity in your schedule to make it part of your daily or weekly routine.
  • Start with activities, locations, and times you enjoy. For example, some people might like walking in their neighborhood in the mornings; others might prefer an exercise class at a health club after work.
  • Try activities with friends or family members to help with motivation and mutual encouragement.
  • Start slowly and work your way up to more physically challenging activities. For many people, walking is a particularly good place to begin.
  • When necessary, break up your daily activity goal into smaller amounts of time. For example, you could break the 30-minute a day recommendation into three 10-minute sessions or two 15-minute sessions. Just make sure the shorter sessions are at least 10 minutes long.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

May your holidays be Merry & Bright! See you in 2020! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

All the best for the New Year!

Kindest Regards,

Layne Langley
Area Nutrition Agent

The LSU AgCenter and LSU provides equal opportunities in employment and programs.

1/6/2020 2:23:48 PM
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