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Many people throughout Winn Parish and the surrounding area really don’t truly know what their sprayers are putting out when they are applying chemicals.It is very important to calibrate your sprayers so that you are applying the correct amount of active ingredients to insure that you get the needed control of those hard to kill weeds, insects and disease.Below are two easy calibration techniques for you to use to help insure that you are applying the correct amount of chemicals.Currently prices of chemicals are rising in price and you need to try to save and not waste those chemicals.So, remember just mix what you plan on using for that application and after that application always clean out your sprayers to insure that it will be in proper working order the next time you plan on spraying.

Two Easy No Math Calibration Methods for Liquid Sprayers

Method #1: No math method for pump up sprayers

  1. Establish a calibration plot that is exactly:18.5 ft x 18.5 ft
  2. Spray area uniformly with water - note the number seconds required.
  3. Spray into bucket for the same number of seconds noted in step 2.
  4. Ounces collected = gallons per acre (GPA)

Method #2: 1/128 acre or baby bottle method for broadcast sprayers

  • Determine nozzle spacing in inches
  • Use table to determine distance for timed run
  • Set throttle for spraying and all operating equipment and drive the measured distance – Note the seconds required to drive this distance.
  • For a broadcast boom with nozzles spread evenly – Collect spray from a single nozzle in the number of seconds noted in step 3 above.
  • Ounces collected = gallons per acre (GPA)
Nozzle spacing (inches)Distance in feet

For more information on sprayer calibration contact County Agent Donny Moon at 318-628-4528.

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