Winn Parish 4-H Range Rules & Whole Harmless

Winn Parish 4-H Outdoor Skills Rules

  1. All Firearms must be checked in by instructor, range officer or agent before guns are unloaded from the vehicle or case.If walking around with a uncased firearm that has not been checked in you will be excused from the range.
  2. No loaded firearm will be allowed on the range!You will be excused from the range.
  3. If you are not on the firing line shooting you must be in the holding area of that range.
  4. All ammo must be inspected before being used on the range.No reloads are allowed!!
  5. All shooters and people on the range must wear eye and ear protection at all times.You will be given one warning and excused on the second from the range.
  6. Only one warning for horseplay or not paying attention will be given to anyone on the range.If called down again you will be excused from range!!
  7. Guns must remain in racks or cases when not in use on the range.
  8. All decisions made by range officer, instructor or agent are final!!
  9. Everyone must sign Hold Harmless Agreement to be allowed on the range.If an individual refuse to sign the Agreement they will not be allowed access top facility.
  10. All students shooting in regional and state competition must have a minimum of 8 hours on the 4-H range with a certified instructor.If one doesn’t attend these trainings, they will not be eligible to shoot in the upcoming contest.Instructors will keep a sign log to keep track of the shooters time.
  11. If equipment is checked out from the 4-H office, it will be returned at the end of competition.
  12. All 4-H’ers competing in regional and state competition must complete a hunter safety course.
  13. 4-H’ers must participate in the banquet and other fundraisers to receive support on the local, regional, state and national levels.The member must sign in at each activity for our records.

Hold Harmless Agreement

To Whom It May Concern:

I, _______________________________________, agree to release the LSU AgCenter and others associated with the Winn Parish 4-H Outdoor Skills from any liability associated with the preparation of any activity related to the program.

** If an individual is under 18 years of age a parent’s signature is required.

Participant’s Signature: __________________________________________

Parent’s Signature: ______________________________________________

Date: _______________________________

4/6/2020 2:08:11 PM
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