Louisiana Sugarcane Variety Identification Guide 2020: ​Ho 05-961

Ho 05-961

Ho 05-961 was derived from a cross between CP 83-644 as the female parent and TucCP 77-42 as the male parent (Anonymous, 2012). The variety was released in 2012. Ho 05-961 produces a high population of medium-sized stalks. The variety matures early, making it a good option for early harvest. The following pictures show eight different variety characteristics to help in identifying Ho 05-961.

Ho 05-961 canpyJPG

1. Canopy – Drooping and spreading (similar to L 99-226).

Ho 05-961 stalk appearanceJPG

2. Stalk wax – Moderate wax layer.

Ho 05-9 stalk color under waxJPG

3. Stalk color under the wax layer – Predominantly green with yellowish hues.

Ho 05-961 leaf sheathJPG

4. Leaf sheath – Very little wax and no pubescence (hairs).

Ho 05-961 leaf sheath marginJPG

5. Leaf sheath margin – Reddish-purple margins.

Ho 05-961 dewlapJPG

6. Dewlap – Dark brown with reddish-purple hue.

Ho 05-961 auricleJPG

7. Auricle – Slight to moderate, necrotic.

Ho 05-961 canopyjpg

8. Distinguishing characteristic – Young plants have a yellowish hue even though properly fertilized, a spreading canopy and dark dewlaps.

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