What Makes a Good Babysitter?

Whether you are looking for a responsible babysitter, or you are trying to learn how to be a better babysitter, it is important to know the characteristics that improve child care skills. If you are trying to be a better babysitter, following these helpful tips can help you create a good reputation and find more job opportunities.

When searching for jobs, a good babysitter should keep references handy in case they are asked for them. It is also a good idea to get trained in First Aid and CPR so you can be prepared for any emergencies.

If you have a babysitting job, try to show that you are responsible by being on time. Never be more than ten minutes early, and do everything you can to never be late. Tardiness can negatively affect the parents’ impression of you, and they will be less likely to ask you to work for them again. If you are going to be late because of a situation out of your control, call ahead and let them know. If you are sick, do NOT go into work, and call as soon as you know you won’t be able to be present.

Make sure that you mind your manners whenever you are interacting with the parents and the children. Always be pleasant, courteous, and respectful to the people and the objects around you. This includes cleaning up after yourself and the child. Even if the parents do not tell you to clean, you should always leave the house in better shape than you found it.

Whenever you get there, get familiar with the house and their rules. Ask them questions if you are unsure of what is allowed and what isn’t. Take the time to get to know the children and learn their preferences in food, activities, and habits. Your interest and passion for being the best caregiver for the children that you can possibly be will impress parents and benefit your reputation.

When on the job, do not let the child out of your sight for more than a few minutes. Anything can happen, and it is vital that you ensure their safety at all times. If a child is sleeping, you should still frequently check on them.

Finally, you should never invite anyone else to the house while you are babysitting. Be respectful to those who live there by abiding by their rules, taking care of their items, and understanding their privacy.

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Take the quiz below and find out if you would be a good babysitter!

Babysitting Quiz

Please honestly answer each question as True or False.

_____ 1. I enjoy being around children.

_____ 2. I know lots of ways to keep children occupied (i.e. games, activities)

_____ 3. I would like to learn more about children.

_____ 4. I try to be calm during arguments.

_____ 5. Other people tell me I am good with children.

_____ 6. When babysitting, I understand the child’s needs & safety are more important than what I want to do.

_____ 7. I am responsible.

_____ 8. I know that all families are different.

_____ 9. I am in good physical health.

_____ 10. I will not gossip about any family I babysit for.

If you answered all “True,” then babysitting is the job for you!

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