October 2020 - Cloverbud Activity Guide

Annual Fall Commodity Fundraiser

It’s that time of year again! We are now accepting orders for our Fall Commodity Fundraiser. You have the opportunity to purchase Louisiana grown sweet potatoes, pecans and satsumas.

Your support during this fundraiser is much appreciated, as it will allow the 4-H program to provide opportunities for youth to grow, see the world around them, provide awards, help offset transportation costs to various events and purchase educational materials to fulfill the 4-H Mission.

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Learning About Forestry

Trees are the #1 crop and agricultural product in the state of Louisiana. Almost 50% of Louisiana’s land – 14 million acres – is forest. The forest industry is active in 59 of Louisiana’s 64 parishes, where land and timber support the economy.

Louisiana’s forestry industry supports more than 180businesses such as sawmills and paper mills, and is the 2nd largest manufacturing employer in the state.

Louisiana’s forests provide a multitude of benefits, including clean air and water, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and scenic beauty.

Pumpkin Decorating/Carving Contest

4-H’ers gather your paint brushes or your carving knives and participate in the East Feliciana 4-H Pumpkin Decorating/Carving Contest.

This contest is open to all registered 4-H and Cloverbud members. And members can only submit one (1) painted pumpkin, or one (1) carved pumpkin, or both one (1) painted and one (1) carved pumpkin.

This year, members can submit pumpkins using the online submission or by dropping their pumpkins off at the 4-H Office.

Deadline to submit entries is Friday, October 23, 2020

For more information visit https://bit.ly/4HEvents


On November 11 of each year, the nation honors all living military veterans. Veterans are men and women who have served in any branch of the United States Military, such as the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy.

To honor the brave men and women who has fought for this country, the East Feliciana Parish 4-H Program will be asking for 4-H members to write thank you cards that will be delivered to the Louisiana War Veterans Home in Jackson. See below guidelines for cards:

  • Open to all 4-H members and Cloverbud members
  • No glitter can be used
  • Cannot use larger than an 8x11.5 inch sheet of paper

All cards are due by November 6, 2020

The Bald Cypress

The Bald Cypress is the Louisiana state tree. It grows in freshwater wetland areas; swamps and bayous. In the winter the cypress loses its needles and is known as the “bald” cypress.

Did you know that a bald cypress tree can?

  • Live up to 600 years old
  • Grow to be 120 feet tall
  • Have knees
  • Live in standing freshwater
  • Provides food for turkeys, ducks, waterfowl, squirrels, and more
  • Provides habitats for amphibians, fish, ducks, osprey, and eagles

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