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2021 4-H Beekeeping Essay Competition

Sponsored by:

Foundation for the Preservation of Honeybees

2021 Essay Topic: Immunity: Threats to Bee Colonies and Methods to Defend Against the Threats

Honeybee colonies have developed many ways to stay healthy. Their immune responses range from behaviors such as grooming to using materials such as propolis, a plant-derived substance bees coat on the interior of a hive for antimicrobial purposes. Even the gut of the honeybee contains beneficial bacteria to help the bee stay healthy!

In your essay, name at least two threats (a parasite such as Varroa, a pathogen such as a virus, a predator such as a bear, etc.) to honeybee colonies and then discuss the methods colonies use to defend against the threats. If possible, include at least one picture you have taken from Feb. 2020-Feb. 2021 that illustrates how colonies manage to stay healthy against a variety of threats.


The 2021 4-H Beekeeping Essay Competition is open to 4th -12th grade 4-H Club members only.

Competition Rules & Essay Requirements:

Essays are due to the 4-H Office by March 1, 2021. Essays should be emailed to Mrs. Cherie (croger@agcenter.lsu.edu).

Essay must be type -double-spaced and 12pt font in legible font face.

Essay must encompass the designated topic in 750 to 1,000 words. Word count does not include sources, works cited or the writer’s biographical statement.

All factual statements and interview references must be cited in a “sources” or “bibliography” list.


An overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be selected on the parish level. The first-place winner will be sent to the state contest.

2021 Terrebonne Parish Livestock Show Results

Great job to all Terrebonne 4-H Livestock Exhibitors. We wish you the best of luck at the District and State Show! Congrats to the winners from the parish show!

  • 2021 Grand Champion Commercial Ewe- Alexandra Ledet
  • 2021 Grand Champion Breeding Ewe- Chelsi Theriot
  • 2021 Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Grand Champion Breeding Ram- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Supreme Sheep Breeding Champion- Chelsi Theriot
  • 2021 Grand Champion Market Lamb- Chelsi Theriot
  • 2021 Reserve Champion Market Lamb- Alexandria Ledet
  • 2021 Sheep Showman 12 & under- Alexandra Ledet
  • 2021 Sheep Showman 13 & over- Chelsi Theriot
  • 2021 Overall Sheep Showman- Chelsi Theriot
  • 2021 Grand Champion Commercial Heifer- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Grand Champion AOB Heifer- Josie Davis
  • 2021 Supreme Beef Breeding Heifer- Josie Davis
  • 2021 Beef Showmanship 12 & under- Madelyn Pitre
  • 2021 Beef showmanship 13 & over- Josie Davis
  • 2021 Overall Beef Showman – Josie Davis
  • 2021 Grand Champion Dairy Heifer- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Dairy showmanship 13 & over- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Overall Dairy Showman – Madison Hess
  • 2021 Grand Champion Pigmy Doe- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Reserve Champion Pigmy Doe- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf Doe- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Reserve Champion Nigerian Dwarf Doe- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf Buck- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Reserve Champion Nigerian Dwarf Buck- Caleb Pitre
  • 2021 Grand Champion Nubian Doe – Madison Hess
  • 2021 Reserve Champion Nubian Doe – Madison Hess
  • 2021 Grand Champion Nubian Buck – Madison Hess
  • 2021 Reserve Champion Nubian Buck – Caleb Pitre
  • 2021 Supreme Champion Dairy Doe- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Supreme Champion Dairy Buck- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Goat Showmanship 12 & under- Caleb Pitre
  • 2021 Goat showmanship 13 & over- Madison Hess
  • 2021 Overall Goat Showman – Madison Hess
  • 2021 Grand Champion Market Hog – Hayden Chatagnier
  • 2021 Swine Showmanship 12 & under- Hayden Chatagnier
  • 2021 Overall Swine Showman- Hayden Chatagnier
  • 2021 Grand Champion Rabbit – Harley DuBois
  • 2021 Reserve Champion Rabbit – Harley DuBois
  • 2021 Overall Rabbit Showman – Harley DuBois
  • 2021 Grand Champion Broiler Pen – Katelyn Charpentier
  • 2021 Grand Champion Exhibition Pen – Chelsi Theriot
  • 2021 Poultry Showmanship 12 & Under – Heidi Hayes
  • 2021 Poultry Showmanship 13 & Over – Katie Charpentier
  • 2021 Overall Showman- Katie Charpentier

4-H Meetings

We have enjoyed our 4-H Virtual Club Meetings.

The 4-H Agents will hold at least 2 virtual meetings each month.

Any Terrebonne 4-H member can join our virtual meetings. The February 4-H Virtual Meetings are scheduled for February 10 and 23, 2021.

Each Meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. with a social time to visit with friends from 5:30 p.m. - 5:55 p.m.

To register for the February 4-H Meeting, visit


Youth Must be registered at least the day before the meeting they plan to attend to receive the email with the information. Once the 4-H members register for a meeting, they will be emailed a link to join the meeting. We will use Microsoft Teams for our meetings. Instructions for using Teams will be sent to those who register. A 4-H member only attends one of the meetings.

4-H Record Books

What is a 4-H Record Book? Each year, 4-H members are allowed to select one project book. Members work on the project book throughout the year. A 4-H Portfolio helps you to organize and keep track of your 4-H participation and awards. The 4-H project book and 4-H portfolio together are called a 4-H Record Book.

Record-keeping is an important part of every 4-H educational project. Many awards, educational trips and college scholarships are given to club members on the basis of their records and project work. Records show your 4-H club work progress.

4-H Record books are due to the 4-H office April 5, 2021.

A record book is your 4-H project book and4-H portfolio. You can place them in a binder or folder to turn them in together.

You should have started working on your 4-Hproject book already. Take pictures and document your work to include in your 4-H record book.

You can find the 4-H Portfolio here.

Place pictures, ribbons, and any other supporting material from the 4-H year.

Keeping track of your 4-H participation , especially with community service work, can make filling out applications and awards easy as you get older.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Cherie at 985-873-6495 or croger@agcenter.lsu.edu.

Character Chat – Self-discipline

Self-discipline is the ability to focus intently on a task or goal with the purpose of achieving a certain result. Much like other qualities that might contribute to your overall success, self-discipline is one that produces sustainable success over time. Self-disciplined individuals commonly rely on a group of other traits, such as:

*Ambition, Focus, Organization, Persistence, Responsibility, Resilience, Strong work ethic *

“With self-discipline, most anything is possible.” – Theodore Roosevelt

In our February meetings, we will help you prepare to complete your Record Books or Project Books. This takes a lot of “self-discipline”. Take the survey: How is your 4-H year going? This will help us better serve you and you will earn a “clover coin”.

Click on the link to complete the survey, How is your 4-H year going? http://bit.ly/4hcheckup

Clover Coins

The February Clover Coin shopping day is

scheduled for

February 26, 2021 – 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

For every 4-H event, meeting, contest, etc. that a 4-H member participates/competes in this year, they will earn clover coins.

A variety of 4-H items will be available for members to purchase using your clover coins. These are not actual coins that members receive. We are keeping track of participation and awarding clover coins (points) that they will redeem when shopping.

Cooking with Clovers

4-H members will cook a dish using a Louisiana commodity with the help of a special clover chef. The clover chef will go over facts about the specific Louisiana commodity. 4-H members will sign up for the class using a link given by the 4-H office. Prior to the class, the 4-H member will be emailed a list of ingredients to make the dish as well as a link to join the live cooking class. At the end of the demo, the 4-H member will have a cooked dish to serve to their family.

Join us for our January class:

Cooking with Clovers – Chicken Edition

This event will be held February 27, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. via Teams. You must register to participate.

To register for this cooking class, visit


The 4-H member must be registered by February 25, 2021 by 4:00 p.m. This class is open to all Terrebonne 4-H members.

Duct Tape Contest

It’s time for one of our favorite contest….. the Duct Tape Contest! Design something made of Duct Tape. There are a variety of colors and prints of duct tape to begin your masterpiece. Please follow the rules below. Have fun!


1. All entries are due to the 4-H office by March 4, 2021.

2. Projects should be student created. You CAN NOT duct tape on top of a preexisting item. You may use cardboard, wire, clips, fabric, buckles, etc.

3. Only one entry per 4-H member.


  • Clothing—belts, vest, hats, shoes, etc.
  • Accessories—wallets, purses, hair bows, key chains, etc.
  • School and Office Supplies—pencil bags, pencil toppers, desk accessories, etc.
  • Sports and musical equipment—guitar, baseball, etc.
  • Other—designs that do not fall in any of the above categories.

All items will be returned. Ribbons will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in Division 1 (4th—6th grade) and Division II(7th—12th grade) divisions. Clover buds will receive participation ribbons. An overall Grand and Reserve Champion will be selected.

Members should label their duct tape art with the following: name (first and last), school name, grade, and category.

Horse Exhibitors

Any 4th–12th grader 4-H member wanting to participate in the 4-H Program must contact Mrs. Cherie at 985-873-6495 or croger@agcenter.lsu.edu by March 5, 2021. Information about the District, State and other open horse shows will be sent to those members who contact Mrs. Cherie. Possession date for horses is April 1, 2021.If you participated in the horse program in the past, please contact Mrs. Cherie to let her know you will participate again this year.

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