Rapides Parish 4-H Cookery Contest

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The Rapides Parish 4-H Cookery Contest will be held on January 26, 2022. Dishes are to be dropped off at the 4-H Office located at 300 Grady Britt Drive, Alexandria, LA 71302 between 7:00 am-9:00 am .


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  1. Appetizer/Salad
  2. Main Dish
  3. Dessert


  • Candy
  • Dessert
  • Other

Sweet Potato

  1. Dessert
  2. Other

General Rules

  1. The food should be exhibited in a disposable container, not to exceed 18" to allow adequate space for all entries. Food and containers will be discarded at conclusion of contest. Contestants, parents/guardians, and leaders will not be allowed back into contest area after judging has concluded. Items not directly related to the dish such as placemats, flower arrangements, figurines, trays, large soup tureens, etc. are not allowed.
  2. Only half of the dish/quantity of the recipe will be exhibited. The contestant may keep the other half of the dish at home for his/her family to enjoy. This saves money and reinforces safe food practices to prevent food borne illness.
  3. Non-edible items are not to be used as garnish. Only traditional garnishes i.e.....parsley, peppers, lemons and tomatoes are allowed.
  4. No raw eggs are allowed in any category.
  5. FOOD SAFETY- After preparation, the dish must be chilled to refrigerator temperature, 40 DEGREES F or LOWER. Dishes must be transported on ice and in an ice chest to the contest. Transport dishes in hard plastic coolers. No soft sided zipper coolers, insulated lunch bags, or insulated casserole containers. DISHES NOT CHILLED AND TRANSPORTED IN THIS MANNER WILL BE DISQUALIFIED BY CONTEST OFFICIALS. Plastic containers, insulated cardboard boxes, etc. are not acceptable containers to transport food. Any insulated container not designed to transport food for human consumption will be disqualified. Insulated pharmaceutical and floral arrangement boxes, etc. are not considered acceptable for transportation of food. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to your agent before the contest day.
  6. Each contestant needs a copy of their recipe with the contestant's name, contestant number, parish, dish division and any other special division requirements. Recipes must be printed on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Please follow the rules below for the recipe to be submitted.
  7. COVID protocols will be in place during the cookery to keep everyone safe. Depending upon the state of the pandemic at the time, masks, handwashing, and social distancing will be required. Dishes will be dropped off at a designated area and only agents/judges will be allowed in the judging area.

Recipe Evaluation

The recipe should include the following parts:

  1. Name of recipe given
  2. Ingredients listed in order used
  3. Include size and weight of cans, packages, etc. Example: 10 3/4 ounce can of cream of mushroom soup.
  4. No abbreviations.....tablespoon, teaspoon, cup, etc. must be used
  5. No ingredient brands listed on recipe. Example: Campbell's , Karo, Kraft, etc.
  6. Clear instructions for combining ingredients given
  7. Size of pan stated
  8. Temperature and cooking time stated.
  9. Number of servings given
  10. Dish meets contest and division requirements.

Egg Cookery Requirements

  1. The egg dish must utilize a minimum of four (4) eggs. This can be four (4) whites, four (4) yolks, or four (4) whole eggs.NO RAW EGGS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE FINAL PRODUCT.
  2. The recipe with four (4) eggs must make only one standard size dish. For example, a recipe with four (4) eggs that makes two pies of standard size will not qualify.

Pecan Cookery Requirements

  1. Dish must contain one (1) cup of pecans.

Sweet Potato Cookery Requirement

  • Dish must contain one (1) cup of sweet potatoes.

Winners will be announced live on Facebook. 1st and 2nd place winners will be invited to compete at the District Cookery Contest on April 7, 2022.

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