Accident Protection Plan

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Accidents on or off the job are covered. This insurance is designed to protect your finances by helping you pay for those unexpected costs associated with an accidental injury. This benefit covers a wide range of common injuries and accidents. If you or a covered family member become injured, Accident Protection will pay you a direct cash benefit. The amount of money you receive depends on the type and severity of the injury and can be used any way you choose. Watch a VIDEO describing the benefit. Click on the "attachments" tab to learn even more.

Underwritten by UnitedHealthcare
UnitedHealthCare Customer Service Number: 1.888.299.2070
Policy #303972

Forms and Resources

Coverage                                       Monthly Premium                
Employee Only $9.15
Employee + Spouse $13.60
Employee + Child(ren) $12.36
Family $16.81

  • Premiums are deducted post-tax
  • Deductions are made the month prior to coverage effective date
  • Effective date is 1st of the month following a full month of employment

Base Benefits
24 Hour Coverage - On and Off-the-Job Coverage

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Initial Care Hospital Admission
Both hands or feet or combination
One hand or foot
Two or more fingers or toes or combination
One finger or toe Child benefit - 50% of employee/spouse



Ground Ambulance
Air Ambulance
ER Treatment
Physician Office Urgent Care (per visit)

Hospital Inpatient Stay (per day up to 365 days)
Hospital ICU Admission
Hospital ICU Inpatient Stay (per day up to 30 days)

Accidental Death Common Carrier    
(while on public transport)
Child benefit - 50% of employee/spouse
Waiver Premium     Yes    

Listed above is only a portion of the offered benefit.
See the "attachments" tab in the video for Enhanced Benefits.

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