2015 Retirement Incentive Information

Kristen Manes, Loyd, Kathy L.

Below, you'll see a few sections, bolded in black. Here are quick links to each section. 
1. Please Review - Includes important information about the incentive
2. Social Security Benefit Info - How your retirement benefit could impact your earned Social Security Benefit
3. Tax Sheltering Leave or Incentive Payments - Information for contacts and forms/instructions provided.
4. Forms Required to be Submitted to HRM Office by 9/10/15Click on the retirement system that pertains to you.    
Please e-mail Dolores or Kristen with any questions. 


for details or direct any questions to the HRM office (225-578-2258).

Tax Sheltering Leave and/or Incentive Payments:

For those employees interested in tax sheltering their leave payments and/or incentive payments into a tax-deferred account, please visit our Supplemental Retirement Account website for more information.

(PLEASE NOTE - only accounts established through LSU are eligible.  See the List of Approved Companies).  If you ARE planning on tax-sheltering any amount but do not currently have an account set up through an approved company, this will need to be done as soon as possible.  An active account (with money already in the account) is necessary before any lump sum may be deposited.  Please keep in mind that there are annual limits to contributions made.  Employees may contribute up to the annual limit in both 403b and 457 accounts.

Contact Information for all representatives (Must contact appropriate representative to set up a 403b account)

  1. Retirement Application for your respective Retirement System.
    (Please choose from below to be directed to the correct form for submission and additional information.)

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