Spring 2013 Undergraduate Research Poster Contest

The Agriculture Residential College hosted the Undergraduate Research Poster Competition, sponsored by Gamma Sigma Delta, at its Open House during Spring Invitational. Students in the College of Agriculture have the unique opportunity within the College of Agriculture of conducting fully-funded research in their area of interest with a faculty member. Award winners were recognized at the Gamma Sigma Delta Spring Awards Banquet.

Winners were:
  • First Place: Justin Guice and Ryan Page, advised by Dr. Michael Keenan, with their project entitled “Determining the Digestible and Metabolizable Energy Value of an Oligosacchride.”
  • Second Place: Lindsay Brunet, advised by Dr. Dennis Ingram, for her project titled “The Effects of Distillers’ Dried Grains with Solubles on Egg Lutien.”
  • Third Place: Frances Clare Becker and Derek Miketinas, advised by Dr. Georgianna Tuuri, for their project titled “Using Digital Photography as a Method to Assess Dietary Intake in Adolescents and Adults.”

A total of nine posters entered in the contest. Three posters were submitted from students in Human Ecology. In addition to both Guice and Page’s and Becker and Miketinas’s submissions, Michael Buck presented “Risk Factors for Age-Related Macular Degeneration Appear Early in Life.” Buck is advised by Dr. Carol Lammi-Keefe. Two posters were from students in Food Science. June No presented his project titled “Viscosity Changes of Chitosan Coating Solution Affect Physico-functional Properties and Consumer Perception of Coated Eggs During Storage.” No is advised by Dr. Witoon Prinyawiwatkul. Sara Black submitted her project titled “The Effect of Carbon Monoxide on Tuna Quality and Color Stability.” She is advised by Dr. Lucina Lampila.

One poster was shown by entomology student, Theresa Crupi. Her project  was titled,“The Effect of Caffeine on the Raft Formation of Solenopsis invicta.” Cupi is advised by Dr. Linda Hooper-Bui. Another poster was from a student in Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences. Catherine Cheramie presented her research poster titled “Mycofiltration: Restoring Natural Ecosystems by Reducing the Effects of Nonpoint Source Pollution.” She is advised by Dr. Maud Walsh. One poster was from a student in Renewable Natural Resources. Logan Boudreaux presented his research poster titled “Comparing Toxicity Among Macando Crude and Other Louisiana Crude Oils.” Boudreaux is advised by Dr. Andy Nyman. Brunet, whose poster earned second place, is an Animal Sciences student.

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