Procedure for AA Selection and Award Winners

  • Obtain a list of members with less than ten years of service to the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service (excluding military or other government services). The cutoff date for determining years of service is March 15 of the following year (the year the award is presented).
  • Select from this list those who have two or more consecutive years of membership in LCAAA according to the Treasurer’s record be a paid member by March 15 of the current year.
  • Those agents meeting requirements 1 and 2 above will be notified of their eligibility and of their requirement to attend the state and national AM/PIC. It is their responsibility to notify the Awards & Recognition Chair that they would like to have their name included on the AA ballot.
  • A list of those agents that have accepted their nomination will be sent to the entire voting membership for a preliminary vote.
  • Voting will be conducted in October through December each year. Those having paid dues by March 15 of the current year will be eligible to vote.
  • The number of AA Awards each year is determined according to NACAA guidelines. The number of AA awards granted are based on 2% of the state’s membership total from the previous year. For example: 1 to 75 members = 1 AA award and 76 to 125 members =2 AA awards.
  • The number of finalists will be double the number of AA’s eligible for each given year.

(ex: 1 AA = 2 finalists, 2 AA’s = 4 finalists, etc.).

  • One ballot with the finalists will be sent to the entire membership for voting. The candidates with the lowest scores will be declared the AA recipients. Candidates are encouraged to submit electronic resumes but are not required to do so.
  • Failure by a voting member to vote a complete ballot in the preliminary or final voting will cause that ballot to be declared void.
  • All notifications and ballots will be sent by the Chair via electronic mail.
  • Members can vote by e-mail, hard copy, or fax.
  • If selected, the AA recipient must register for and attend the entire LCAAA Annual Meeting/Professional Improvement Conference unless excused by the LCAAA Board of Directors.
  • The LCAAA recipient must register for at least one day and attend the AA Breakfast at the NACAA Annual Meeting/Professional Improvement Conference to receive the Achievement Award unless excused by the National Awards & Recognition Chair and this only occurs in emergency situations.

Revised: August, 2018

8/17/2018 3:03:00 PM
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