Strategic Plan

Overall Strategy

In concert with LSU Strategic Plan 2025, we will enhance preparation of students as future agricultural leaders, elevate research and technology activities, support Louisiana economic development, and fuel professional improvement of faculty, staff, and students.

LSU AgCenter and LSU enjoy national recognition for research and cooperative extension programs, academic innovations, technology transfer portfolios, entrepreneurship emphases, and economic development initiatives. Collectively these address stakeholder and student needs, generate and deliver research-based information, promote economic growth, and train a workforce that is broadly educated, adaptable, and globally engaged.

In recent years, we have leveraged our strengths to craft a network of international partnerships that we believe will establish Louisiana State University as the premier US University in Central and Eastern Europe and Central America and the Caribbean Basin. Successes achieved thus far arise from our unique approach to capacity building in our target regions. A brief description of this approach follows.

Like many universities, we train international undergraduate and graduate students to lead 21'1 century initiatives in agriculture, food, natural and renewable resources, and the environment. But we take these foundational programs an important step further --- we focus on capacity building for University leadership. We work alongside current and emerging University leaders to provide mentorship and training in areas that will be key for relevance and engagement in their respective regions of the world. Problem-solving research, knowledge transfer to stakeholders, entrepreneurship, economic development, alumni relations, fund raising, and leadership development are among the areas that have generated the greatest impact thus far.

We will continue to develop existing and explore new program areas and partnerships that are consistent with our Vision and Mission Statements. Our long term goals are to internationalize LSU AgCenter and LSU College of Agriculture through strategic reciprocal partnerships and to establish our identity as the premier US University in Central and Eastern Europe and Central America and the Caribbean Basin for agriculture and related sciences.

Innovate . Educate . Improve Lives

The LSU AgCenter and the LSU College of Agriculture