Study Abroad

Thai students visiting the royal temple in Bangkok.

As future global leaders, you will find no better opportunity to gain new perspectives and insights than studying abroad. In addition to cultivating broader awareness, these experiences will allow you to apply knowledge gained in coursework to real world situations outside of the classroom. Further you will sharpen important language skills and make meaningful memories and friendships all in an unforgettable, energizing setting. From considering destinations to course scheduling, from financing your trip to taking all the right health and safety steps, the AgCenter Global Network will help assemble the tools you’ll need to make your study abroad decisions. Facilitating Studies abroad is one way that LSU and the LSU AgCenter are creating global citizens, and we assure you that the insights you’ll gain through global immersion will be both memorable and impactful in your college career and beyond.

GAAjpgWhy Study Abroad?

  • Provides you opportunities for travel and cultural immersion
  • Enhances your employment opportunities and the value of your degree
  • Develops your technical and soft skills outside of the classroom
  • improves your international networking

How Can This Impact My Future Career?

  • Studying abroad enhances global skills like communication, adaptability, and diplomacy.
  • Roughly 75% of surveyed students who studied abroad found employment within two months of graduation[1]
  • Survey data indicates that starting salaries for graduates with international experience averaged $6,000 more than those for graduates with only domestic experience [1]
  • 90% of graduates who studied abroad and pursued graduate studies gained admission into their first or second choice graduate school. [1]


How to Study Abroad

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Choosing the right Study Abroad program can be a challenge. There are numerous factors to consider, but the best way to ensure the best fit is to communicate with your academic advisor early and often.

LSU Academic Programs Abroad (APA) offers both faculty-led and semester abroad programs in various countries around the globe.

The College of Agriculture international relations team will work directly with LSU APA to ensure that you find the right program.

Here are some key features to consider:

  • Program types
  • Program location(s)
  • Cost
  • Length of program (summer, spring, fall, winter, or year?)
  • Course credit transfer
  • Past student Testimonies (which you can read here)

International opportunities

  • JacobattemplejpgSummer in Thailand
    • This program exposes students to the issues central to sustainable agricultural and international development.
  • Spring Break in Costa Rica
    • Tour Costa Rica commodity facilities to explore the coffee, cattle, and banana industries.
  • Winter in Greece
    • Explore the topics of culinary techniques, socio-cultural and ethnic food consumption, food issues and trends, food safety and sanitation, and the role of food in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

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