Memorandums and Agreements

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This page contains Permanent Memorandums (PMs) and template agreements. These are example agreements whose terms and conditions are subject to change. Contact the Office of Intellectual Property if you need any of the agreements or memorandums below or if you have questions about their contents.

The Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) protects against the unauthorized use and distribution of research materials. Faculty should get an MTA when sending or receiving materials for research or testing, including reagents, biological materials, food samples, seeds, plant materials, and devices involving another academic institution, a company, or an non-university individual. Contact the Office of Intellectual Property if you need this agreement.

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The Confidentialilty or Non-disclosure Agreement (CDA/NDA) protects the exchange of information. A CDA/NDA should be in place for discussions between faculty and people from another university, company, or a private individual. Contact the Office of Intellectual Property if you need this agreement.

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License Agreements give companies the right to commercially make, use, and sell university materials and processes. If an outside group wishes to use faculty research in their business or if a faculty member wishes to use their research in their own business, contact the Office of Intellectual Property about this agreement.

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The purpose of this Permanent Memorandum is to clarify those situations in which a faculty member, research staff employee, athletic coaching staff employee, or a legal entity in which such an employee has an interest can now contract with the University.


Louisiana State University Presidential Memorandum Number 11 requires that all full-time employees of the LSU System comply with its provisions and disclose all outside employment as defined within it.


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