Autonomous Bird Predation Reduction Device

William Baumgartner, Hall, Steven G., Price, Randy R.

Price, Randy R.; Hall, Steven G.; Allen, Don G.
Date Posted: 2/26/07
Patent Status: issued
Patent Number: 7,052,348

A self-guided apparatus for repelling birds through various means of deterrence. The device comprises a chassis, a floatation assembly, a propulsion system, and a guidance and control system. The device may operate in either of at least two modes: passive and active. In the passive mode, the device traverses a predefined area, scaring birds away. In the active mode, the device surveys a designated area and, upon detection of birds, propels itself towards the birds and drives them away.

This technology has been non-exclusively licensed by Mt. Pelia Innovative Solutions, LLC. You can find our story on Mt. Pelia Innovative Solutions, LLC at our Success and Statistics page.

2/26/2007 9:03:29 PM
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