Direct Production of White Sugar from Sugarcane Juice or Sugar Beet Juice

William Baumgartner, Rein, Peter W.

Rein, Peter W.; Bento, Luis R. S. M.; Ellis, Bruce M.
Date Posted: 10/06/2010
Patent Status: issued
Patent Number: 7,226,511

An economical process is disclosed for the direct production of white sugar from clarified juice. Juice from a cane sugar mill, or sugar beet juice, is first contacted with hydrogen peroxide, before passing through granular activated carbon. The juice is then passed through cationic and anionic resins to remove inorganic compounds, colorants, and other impurities. Then the juice may be concentrated and sugar crystallized. White sugar is produced directly, without the need for an intermediate raw sugar crystallization.
10/7/2010 1:15:45 AM
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