Process for Separation of Sugars

William Baumgartner, Benedict, Dirk, Saska, Michael

Saska, Michael; Chen, Feng
Patent Status: issued
Issue Date: 9/17/2002
Patent Number: 6,451,123

Improved separations of xylose, mannose, galactose, arabinose, glucose, xylitol, arabitol; sorbitol, galactitol, or mannitol (and other monosaccharides and sugar alcohols) from other sugars and sugar alcohols may be achieved by chromatography over hydroxyl-form anion exchange surfaces prepared from anion exchange resins at relatively low hydroxyl concentrations. When a strong base anion exchange resin, such as a chloride-form strong base anion exchange resin, is conditioned with a low concentration of hydroxyl (for example, an NaOH solution with a concentration between 0.1 and 1000 mM, most preferably between 1 and 10 mM), the conditioned resin separates a number of sugars and sugar alcohols from one another, while still allowing ready desorption from the resin.

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