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Mt. Pelia Innovative Solutions, LLC, of Martin, Tennessee, has licensed the autonomous bird predation reduction device (also known as the "scarebot") from the LSU Agricultural Center. The solar-powered, self-propelled robot can move around watery areas, such as aquaculture facilities, to scare away birds by nonlethal means. The technology was originally developed by Drs. Steven Hall and Randy Price, and the company is continuing its development. Company owner and founder John Cole is a graduate of the University of Kentucky Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department and a native of Fulton County, Kentucky.

Winter 2003
'Scarebot’ reduces bird predation on ponds

June 6, 2011

Tenn. company licenses ‘Scarebot’ from LSU AgCenter

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Mt. Pelia Innovative Solutions, LLC also provides more information about the scarebot device at

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