LSU AgCenter CMS 2.0.X Release Notes

Sandy Fiser, Garcia, Andrew, Piazza, Fred

Listed below is information concerning both upcoming and recent changes, bug fixes, upgrades and new features of the current LSU AgCenter CMS. The “Future Development” section details where the CMS development team is headed in the future, the “Current Development” gives a list of tasks in process, while the “Changes / Updates” section lists the most recent changes to the system in reverse chronological order.

Known Issues

  • Special characters in file names cause upload failure for the image modules and the file bucket.
  • We are experiencing periodic failures of internet services due to network issues. This is not related to CMS but impacts the availability of the system.
  • Files that are unlocked for editing remain in draft state and cannot be edited by another user until it is either unlocked or submitted.
  • The expanding navigation on used on many pages cannot be sorted to a custom order at this point. Future updates will allow for this ability.
  • Many pages require two clicks to reach the final content. When content was imported from the old CMS, the old channel structure was recreated. In places where the channel contained only one page as the index page, these pages were imported separately from the channel and exist as a second page. This can be addressed by adding a content module to the first page and cutting and pasting in the content from the second page.

Future Development

  • Profile Pages: Correcting information that is being pulled to employee profile pages. The headings on page sections will be clarified.
  • A new feature will be added that will allow users to make various changes and updates to the website by sending email to the system.
  • Short URLs (website addresses) will be implemented across the site.
  • Adding the ability to sort lists of files, images, links, etc. in collection components.
  • Adding the ability to rapidly create custom newsletters.
  • Update pages to use PostDate as the principle means of sorting in lists.
  • Enhancing user interface
  • Fixing bugs when publishing images/files
  • Make image on Publication module linkable
  • PDFs should open in the browser and not download
  • “Download pdf” button needs some more helper text above or on it
  • Hiding empty channels.
  • Adding time of submission to Workbox view
  • Media Gallery edit modal bug prevents changes from being saved.

Currently in Development

  • Adding editing capability for Topic portals and other portal pages. These will become editable by non-IT employees (just like regular pages.)
  • Adding a new “publications” module for the exclusive use of Communications publications group.
  • Adding an expanding “accordion” list module
  • Adding individualized analytics to the dashboard.
  • Adding the ability to view expired content in the “Explorer” section.
  • Adding the ability to sort content in the “Explorer” and “My Articles” sections.
  • Increasing the period of inactive time allowed before a user is logged out of the system automatically.
  • Enhanced formatting options for tables created within the page editor.
  • Adding email notifications to users when submitted content is published.
  • Fixing a bug with “Contact Us” form sent to POCs at the end of each article.
  • Add "Search" wording back to header search
  • A new Publications module that will enhance the process for adding new and editing existing publication pages
    • Streamlined entry process to include all relevant publication information in one interface, including an area to include the full publication text
    • Includes support for collections of publications

Changes / Updates

v2.0.2 - 27 March 2016

This release contains feature improvements, bug fixes, and stability improvements.

  • ADDED: Multiple improvements to help users locate content
    • Explorer now supports grouping and sorting by several page properties
    • Choosing a topic now includes any content that has that topic selected in References
  • ADDED: Full editing support for Topic pages.
    • This fixed several related bugs, including the inability to upload images and files to certain pages in the site (topics/portals).
  • COMPLETE: Created a first round of mockups a new Publications rendering with guidance provided by the Communications department,
  • COMPLETE: Updated profile pages to include full contact details (Address, Phone, Fax)

Bug Fixes Completed

  • Replacing "www" with "edit" now brings you to the edit mode of that page if you are already logged in.
  • Adding & removing authors from topic pages now saves changes.
  • Changing POC on topic pages no longer causes related user data to be lost.
  • Associated PDFs missing from Newsletter sections are now available.
  • PDFs can now be uploaded to topic pages.
  • Photo slider and file bucket modules are now fully functional on topic pages.
  • Profile pages now feature phone numbers and addresses.
  • Jefferson Parish contact page no longer includes Jefferson Davis Parish contacts.
  • Changing article name causing no longer causes URL changes.
  • Page preview now works after article name change.

v2.0.1 - 20 March 2016

This a minor feature improvement and bug fix release.

  • ADDED: Word files and PDFs now automatically have thumbnails created using the first page of the file.
    • Examples:
  • COMPLETE: Several improvements to more clearly communicate to the user what the system is doing.
    • Added loading image for page editor actions to provide better feedback for when an action is taking place.
    • Updated page actions (Save/Submit) to only be usable when applicable.
  • COMPLETE: Updated 404 (page not found) and 500 (internal server error) pages
  • COMPLETE: Updated Twitter feeds in footer to not display expanded images.
  • COMPLETE: Minor style updates COMPLETE: Enhancements to the QA/Testing environment
    • Added a new secondary instance for editing.
      • This instance is a pre-load instance for developers before update goes live to
      • It also provides redundancy in case crashes.
  • IN DEVELOPMENT: Completed significant work towards our continuous integration implementation.

Bug Fixes Completed

  • PDFs now upload to media gallery.
  • CMS no longer crashes if page with a large number of PDFs is loaded.
  • Edit URL now bounces to Page Editor.
  • All old CMS links now point to the appropriate page in the new system.
  • Production environment now handles plus signs properly.
4/1/2016 7:10:47 PM
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