Watch your portions

Linda F. Benedict, Reames, Elizabeth S.

–Try to stick to an eating schedule. Studies show missed meals can lead to overeating.

–Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry. This will help you avoid the temptation to buy things you don’t need.

–Eat from plates, not out of a bag. It is much harder to keep track of how much you’ve eaten if you are snacking from the bag or carton.

–Bring low-calorie snacks with you to work or when traveling in your car.

–Because it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain you’re full, eating slowly will help prevent overeating.

–Downsize your portions.

–Stay away from super-size, biggie-size and combo meals.

–Eat half of your restaurant meals – and take the rest home for an easy lunch or dinner tomorrow.

–Cut the calories by sharing a restaurant meal or dessert with a friend.

–Snacks and drinks can fill your body with extra, empty calories. Skip the cold drink and candy machines – and refuel and rehydrate with yogurt, string cheese, nuts, veggies, fruit and water.

Beth Reames

(This article appeared in the fall 2008 issue of Louisiana Agriculture.)

12/9/2008 3:09:10 AM
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