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A primary goal of LSU AgCenter research is to help farmers grow food and fiber more efficiently while protecting the environment. Two examples of this are in the Louisiana Agriculture summer issue in which scientists explore ways to take advantage of the beneficial microorganisms in the soil to enhance crop production. Other topics covered include landscape Super Plants, industrial hemp and innovative ways educators helped people learn during the pandemic.

Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Summer 2021

hampngSeed Treatment of Beneficial Bacteria Enhances Soybean Growth and Health

Jong Hyun Ham

Improving the efficacy of seed treatments with beneficial microorganisms promises to be a more cost-effective way to protect crops.

tubanapngSOIL: A Habitat for Beneficial Microorganisms

Jayvee Cruz, Brenda Tubaña, Lisa Fultz and Jong Ham

LSU AgCenter research explores the use of selected bacteria from waste products to stimulate plant growth instead of costly chemical inputs.

fieldspngLouisiana Super Plant Selections for 2021

Jeb S. Fields

Four new plants have been added to the list of Super Plants recommended by the LSU AgCenter. They grow well in Louisiana.

delibertopngBudding Opportunities for Industrial Hemp in Louisiana

Michael A. Deliberto

Now that regulations have been eased, growing industrial hemp offers opportunities for Louisiana farmers. But many obstacles have to be overcome.


Options for Managing Fungicide-Resistant Aerial Blight of Soybean

Trey Price, Boyd Padgett, Myra Purvis, Dustin Ezell, Dustin Harrell, James Leonards, Fred Collins, Laura Lee, Jeremy Hebert and Jimmy Meaux

LSU AgCenter researchers are trying to help farmers who grow both soybeans and rice to control aerial blight disease.

keimpngImproving Science and Management of Louisiana’s Forested Wetlands

Richard Keim

The LSU AgCenter is turning former pastureland on one of its research stations into forested wetlands for research and teaching purposes.

price2pngMeeting the Changing Needs of the Specialty Crops Industry with Soilless Substrates

Jeb S. Fields

The LSU AgCenter is helping the landscape industry explore better ways to grow plants in media known as soilless substrates.

maypngPANDEMIC RESPONSE: LSU AgCenter Takes Virtual Nutrition Education to Limited Resource Audiences

Sandra May, Sharman Charles and Denise Holston

When in-person nutrition education classes were halted by the pandemic, LSU AgCenter nutrition experts reached out to their audience virtually, despite many obstacles.

martinpngPANDEMIC RESPONSE: LSU AgCenter Agents Teach Nutrition Through Snacks

Elizabeth Martin and Leona Camel-Clinton

LSU AgCenter agents with the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program led a surprise “Snack Pack Cooking Class” for students in Shreveport.

BoepngPANDEMIC RESPONSE: 4-H’ers Learn About Agriculture Through Seed-of-the-Month Club

Esther Boe, Brooke Lafargue, Brandi Frey and Lisa Benoit

4-H agents created a unique program of garden seed distribution to help members learn how to grow vegetables.

blanchardpngLSU AgCenter Helps People Overcome Obstacles to a Healthier Lifestyle

Tobie Blanchard

The LSU AgCenter through its Healthy Communities program has been working diligently to lower obesity rates and improve quality of life for people across the state.

aganpngOuachita Parish Healthy Communities Program Adds Indoor Playground at School

Cathy Agan

An elementary school in Ouachita Parish partnered with the LSU AgCenter to set up an indoor playground as part of the Healthy Communities program.

tierschpngOpen-Source Devices to Help Protect the Genetic Resources of Louisiana Fish and Shellfish

Hamed Shamkhalichenar, Jin-Woo Choi and Terrence R. Tiersch

The Aquatic Germplasm and Genetic Resources Center was created in 2015 to address the problems of repository development for aquatic species.

pevetopngResearch Milestone: Horses Treated to Ovulate Early Give Birth to Healthy Foals

Kyle Peveto

In February 2021, which is earlier than normal, the first foals were born using a method developed by an LSU AgCenter researcher.

millerpngLSU AgCenter Food Innovation Institute Has Eye to the Future

V. Todd Miller

The LSU AgCenter’s food incubator is now known as the Food Innovation Institute, or FOODii, for short.

heafnerpngLost LSU Plant Varieties Rediscovered

Kerry D. Heafner

Vegetable and fruit varieties developed at the LSU AgCenter Calhoun Research Station, which was closed in 2011, are being revived.

langpngLSU College of Agriculture News for Summer 2021

Annabelle Lang

Career Closet coming; Internships still going strong despite pandemic; Maya textile artistry exhibit in the LSU Human Ecology Building; Erin McKinley named outstanding dietitian.

benedictpngLSU AgCenter News for Summer 2021

Linda Foster Benedict

New Orleans teens learn life skills; Two new sugarcane varieties introduced; Mead Hardwick named outstanding Master Farmer; AgCenter hosts ‘rolling’ field day in the Central Region.

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