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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Summer 2022

LSU AgCenter researchers constantly search for ways to improve Louisiana agriculture by increasing yields and profitability. They also seek to understand new and less popular crops that could thrive in our region. Professor Yan Chen is helping develop the tea industry along the Gulf Coast, working closely with producers to understand how to grow tea (Camellia sinensis) in the region, and her work is featured in the latest issue of Louisiana Agriculture magazine. The magazine also includes a look into Grow Louisiana and Growing Farmers, two programs designed to help beginning farmers learn the business. Researchers from the AgCenter also share their findings from studies on new ways to kill weed seeds in fields and to use drones in agriculture.

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mattleepngWelcome: Introducing Matt Lee, Interim Vice President for Agriculture for LSU

Matt Lee

chenpngGrowing Tea in Louisiana

Yan Chen, Zhijun Liu and Javen Little

Researchers are studying whether the intense sun radiation and heat in Louisiana affect tea grown for consumers.

millerpngCan Tea Production Be ‘Sweet’ for Southern Growers?

V. Todd Miller

A Louisiana business has begun selling its tea, and specialized equipment is being created to help workers pick leaves from tea plants.

fontenotpngRaising Pumpkins and Future Farmers

Kathryn K. Fontenot and Beth B. Putnam

During the COVID-19 pandemic, LSU AgCenter personnel created a pumpkin growing contest to teach young people about farming.

Two of these young Louisianians spoke to editor Kyle Peveto about what they learned from growing their own pumpkins.

bampasidoupngGrowing Farmers, Growing Communities: LSU AgCenter Extension Programs Support Local Food Systems

Maria Bampasidou, Carl Motsenbocker, Marcus Coleman, Kathryn Fontenot and Sydney Melhado

Two LSU AgCenter programs help new farmers learn about the business of agriculture while also making connections with others in the industry.

peveto1pngFighting Hurricanes and Pests, New Farmers Find Help in AgCenter Program

Kyle Peveto

Tara Sanchez was intimidated by her new life as a farmer. The Grow Louisiana program helped her find confidence.

peveto2png‘It Opened My Eyes’: AgCenter Program Instills Confidence in New Farmer

Kyle Peveto

Monica Hernandez joined Grow Louisiana to learn more about agriculture after she started running a farm with her husband. The program connected her with like-minded entrepreneurs.

lanzapngApplying Modern Technologies to Map Elevation Changes in Specialty Crop Fields

Phillip Lanza, Stacia Davis Conger, Jeffrey Beasley, Thanos Gentimis and Don La Bonte

Unmanned aerial vehicles provide agricultural producers with affordable, effective tools to map the elevation of fields.

hanpngNondestructive Analysis on Agricultural Products Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Kun-Jun Han, Buddy Pitman and Wink Alison

Determining the quality of agricultural commodities using near infrared spectroscopy is advantageous compared to conventional chemical analyses because it reduces cumbersome and time-consuming chemical analysis procedures.

lazaropngTransforming the Combine From a Weed Seed Spreader to a Weed Seed Predator 

Lauren Lazaro

Harvest weed seed control techniques use nonchemical practices to allow growers to target weed seed during harvest. These techniques can transform harvest equipment into weed seed predators.

stevenspngFresh Ideas for Fresh Produce in the Local Food System

Cecilia Stevens and Ruthie Losavio

A community garden in Morehouse Parish provides donations to food pantry clients thanks to a partnership between the LSU AgCenter and the Robinson/Williams Restoration of Hope Community Center.

mckinziepngFarm to School Programs in Public School Districts: A Growing Interest With Challenges

Whitney R. McKinzie and Maria Bampasidou

Louisiana is one of the states that promotes farm to school programs through legislation. Currently, the farm to school program is a partnership between the Louisiana Department of Education and the LSU AgCenter.

devillepng 4-H Is a Family Affair

Kimberly Deville

The Marcantel family in Evangeline Parish has built a legacy of service by working in 4-H for generations.

mallettepngNatchitoches 4-H Forestry Teams Succeed at State and National Contests

Randall Mallette

Natchitoches Parish 4-H has produced strong teams for state and national forestry contests, and since 2015, 11 youth from the parish have competed in the state contest. All of them advanced to the National 4-H Forestry Invitational.

mcclurepng‘Camp the Way It Should Be’: 4-H Campgrounds Welcome Youth Back in Time for 100th Anniversary

Olivia McClure

facultypngFaculty Profile: Carol Friedland Brings a Fresh Perspective to LaHouse 

V. Todd Miller

agcenternewspngLSU AgCenter News for Summer 2022

coapngLSU College of Agriculture News for Summer 2022

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