Precision Agriculture

Precision Agricultural is the practice of detecting crop or soil variances in the field and then treating those areas site specifically to increase yields or reduce crop inputs. Today, many new tools are available to assist farmers in this endeavor and range from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and drones to yield monitors. Here at LSU AgCenter and the BAE department we strive to create better systems for performing precision farming activities in Louisiana.

Much of the Precision Agriculture research is currently based on drone and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology which is evolving quickly in the United States. We are currently developing systems with new cameras and software to provide easier mapping. Research and extension work is also performed to determine the correct wavelengths needed to detect crop variances that will aid crop consultants and farmers in diagnosing certain problems. In addition, precision farming work is performed in the sugarcane industry to help create automated planters and produce a yield monitor that can operate in the rain and mud often experienced during the Louisiana harvest season. This is an exciting field and prospects are limitless.

If you have any questions regarding these activities please call or email:

Dr. Randy Price, BAE Department, LSU AgCenter

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