Textile Testing Laboratory

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Wrinkle Recovery Tester

Rotary Platform Abrader

The Textile Science Testing Laboratory provides interdisciplinary teaching and research activities: science, chemistry and engineering of textile materials from fibers to finite products. A temperature/humidity conditioning room controlled for standard parameters (70 ± 1C & 65% RH) is available for testing of textile materials. ASTM and AATCC standard methods are observed for undergraduate and graduate classes on characterization of natural and synthetic polymers and textile materials, with specific instrumentation associated to these aims, such as:
●Characterization of fibers by optical microscopy
●Polarized light microscopy for advanced investigations of liquid crystalline phases
●Determination of tensile properties (ASTM Standard Test Method 5034-09)
●Determination of tearing strength (ASTM Standard Test Method 1424-09)
●Determination of abrasion resistance (ASTM Standard Test Method 3884-09)
●Appearance after laundering (AATCC Test Method 124 2006) and Wrinkle recovery angle of woven fabrics (AATCC Test Method 66 2003)
●Dynamic mechanical spectrometer for advanced analyses of semi-crystalline polymers
●High torque and elongational rheometers for investigations of fiber forming polymers
●Dynamic shear rheology of viscoelastic polymeric materials
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