This year we will have an informational meeting on October 5, 2022, at 5:30 PM at the 4-H office. All parents/guardians and youth are encouraged to attend. The deadline to sign up for shooting sports without a late fee is October 17th and the absolute deadline to join with a $10 late fee is November 1st. For information on how to join shooting sports, see the Community Clubs.

Want to learn how to put together a record book and portfolio? Don’t miss out on this year’s record book training on September 22nd from 5:30-7:30 pm at the 4-H office! This workshop is open to all 4-H members, parents, volunteers, and leaders alike! We’ll cover all the basics of record books and portfolios to teach you how to put together a winning record book! It’s never too early to start putting your record book together. Don’t wait until the last minute.

National 4-H Week is October 2-8! We would like to see all clubs participate in activities such as making treats for teachers, hanging signs or banners around school or have green and white dress up day, etc. Take the time to celebrate your wonderful club organization. Remember we are having a school display picture club contest! Must be an outside school display! Due via email to Mrs. Mary Beth at on October 7th.

Get back into the groove of school by attending the Back-to-School Dance! The Junior Leadership Club will be sponsoring a dance at the 4-H Office in Crowley, Saturday, October 8th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. There will be a $5.00 (non-refundable) entry fee if you purchase a ticket ahead of time. For tickets bought at the door, the cost will be $7. All 4th-8th graders are able to attend regardless of their 4-H membership status. Bring concession money. Tickets can be pre-purchased from any Junior Leader member.

Do you enjoy drawing and expressing yourself artistically? If you said yes, then the Achievement Day Theme contest is for you! All you need to do is come up with a catchy slogan and a colorful picture. Draw your creation on regular 8 1/2" X 11" typing paper and turn it into your school. Entries relating to the advertisement of cigarettes or alcohol will not be accepted. Entries are due on October 7th. Be sure to include your name, school, and grade on the back of the entry. Multiple entries per participant will be accepted. No computer-generated themes will be accepted! Winner will receive a cash prize!

Participate in our annual 4-H Duct Tape Contest. Youth in grades 4th-8th will now compete at the parish level. This contest is now open to ALL youth in Acadia Parish!! Projects should be student created. You CANNOT duct tape on top of a pre-existing item. You may use cardboard, wire and clips ONLY. Categories: Clothing :(belts, vest, hats, shoes) Accessories: (Wallets, purses, hair bows, key chains, etc.) Room Decorations: (photo frame, flower arrangement, etc.). Each participant may enter ONE item per category. You may not re-enter an item that was already entered in the previous year's contest. All duct tape entries are due to the 4-H Extension Office by October 7th.

All shooting sports participants are required to show proof of hunter safety by December 31st. There are multiple hunter safety classes being offered through Wildlife and Fisheries. You can check on their website and view all upcoming classes that are being offered through them. We will not be offering any other classes through the 4-H office this year.

Are you ready for Challenge Camp? Come join us as we develop leaders in times of challenges on November 15-16, 2022. 4-H Challenge camp this year will be an overnight camp at the Acadiana Baptist Center in Eunice. 4-H Challenge Camp is designed to support Louisiana State Standards, and this is for 7th and 8th graders ONLY. This camp will be full of activities that will increase self-confidence and self-reliance in young people. Youth participants will be excused from school. Parents will drop off and pick up at the Acadiana Baptist Center. To sign up to attend this camp, please register at under the events tab on your profile. Payment and registration are due to the 4-H Office no later than October 24, 2022. The cost of the camp is $50.00, and this includes snacks, lunch, and T-Shirt. Money is non-refundable. You may attend even if you already attended in the past. 4-H Challenge Camp is one of the most valuable encounters a young person can have. Registration is first come first serve and only 13 spots are available. For more information about Challenge Camp, Please visit

Come join the Horse Clinics this

year for FREE! This year Acadia parish will be offering 4 horse clinics. We will again team up with master horsemen throughout the region. The first clinic will be held at the Acadia Parish Rice Arena on October 3rd from 6 -7 p.m. In order to attended youth must be a

registered 4-H member AND bring your own horse. You MUST pre-register to attend this clinic through your 4H Online account. The first clinic will cover groundwork and horse-riding games. For more information or questions, please call Emma Zaunbrecher Tyler at 337-366-2109.

This is the biggest contest day that we will be offering this year! The Commodity Cookery & Contests Extravaganza will be held on Monday, November 21, 2022, at the 4-H office. Registration for the cookery begins at 8:30 AM. Judging and other contests will begin at 9:00 AM. Once judging begins, no late dishes will be accepted. The contests for the Commodity Cookery & Contests Extravaganza are the Commodity Cookery, Demonstrations, Journey into Jobs, Meat ID & Poultry ID.

  • May only enter one dish in each commodity.
  • May register the day of the contest. No pre-registration forms are required.
  • Dishes must be prepared at home and brought to the contest ready for serving.
  • Each dish must be chilled on ice and plated in a disposable container and brought to the contest in an ice chest accompanied with ICE. Only completely chilled dishes, even cakes and cookies, will be allowed. No placemats, no serving utensils, no flower arrangements, etc. will be allowed.
  • Only 3-4 servings of the dish should be displayed for the contest in a presentable, disposable container - for example, a clear plastic tray or dish, but your recipe must state the entire servings.
  • Creativity and originality are encouraged. The use of previous winning recipes is discouraged.
  • The first-place winner in each category will compete at the Southwest Region Commodity Cookery Contest representing Acadia Parish.
  • Participants are required to submit a copy of their recipe with the dish. Remember to put name, grade. category and division on the back of the recipe. Only one copy of the recipe is needed. The recipe may be neatly hand written or typed.

Ground Beef Cookery (All Grades)

Prepare a ground meat dish. A minimum of one pound of ground beef must be used. All beef should be cooked until gray in color, not pink, and juices run clear. The Ground Beef Cookery offers three divisions:

  • Low-Calorie Main Dish: A dish which provides less than 300 calories per serving. Calculation of calories will be stated on recipe. should be used to calculate dishes calories.
  • Quick & Easy Main Dish: A dish that is ready to serve in less than one hour. The time for each step and for cooking and baking will be stated on recipe.
  • One-Dish Meal: A dish that provides complete servings from at least three of the five required food groups. Serving of the dish should be on recipe.

Seafood Cookery (All Grades)

Prepare a seafood dish. A minimum of one cup of seafood must be used. Canned seafood will NOT be accepted. The Seafood Cookery offers five divisions:

  • Shrimp
  • Crawfish
  • Oyster
  • Fish/Non-Traditional
  • Crab

Sugar Cookery (All Grades)

Prepare a sugar dish. A minimum of one cup of sugar (raw, brown, powdered or granulated) must be used. There can be no raw eggs in the final product. The Sugar Cookery offers two divisions:

  • Baked items: bread, cakes, pies, cookies, etc.
  • Other Dessert: candies, icebox pies, ice cream, etc.

This does not include homemade jams, jellies and preserves.

Rice Cookery (All Grades)

Prepare a rice dish. A minimum of one cup of cooked rice must be used. Wild rice is not cultivated rice in Louisiana and does not meet the requirement of one cup of rice and will not be accepted. Dishes containing rice products such as rice cereal, rice flour, etc., must also contain cooked rice. Example: Traditional Rice Krispy treats do not meet the contest requirements. The contest will be divided into three categories:

  • Rice Main Dish: contains significant amounts of beef, poultry or seafood.
  • Rice Side Dish: rice dressing would be considered a side dish.
  • Rice Dessert

Bento Cookery (All Grades)

“Bento” is Japanese for packed lunch or meal. A Bento lunch is a compact, balanced, visually appealing meal packed in a box. Bring a prepared healthy box or Bento lunch to the contest. It should be representative of “MyPlate” recommendations - Each competitor will create a lunch to be eaten at school by a student age 9 to 12. The beverage to accompany the meal will be water (do not need to include). Each competitor will transport their Healthy Box or “Bento” Lunch to the contest packed in a portable, lock-top, and leak proof container, chilled and on ice.

Recipe Evaluation

The recipe should include the following parts:

a. Name of recipe

b. List of ingredients in order used in instructions

  • Measurements given in common fractions
  • No abbreviations used
  • No brand names used
  • Clear instructions for every step of combining and cooking the ingredients
  • Short, clear, concise sentences
  • Correct food preparation terms to describe combining and cooking process
  • Size of pan stated
  • Temperature and cooking time stated
  • Number of servings and calories per serving given

c. Instructions for combining ingredients

d. Dish meets contest and division requirements

For more information and all rules see the attachments at the bottom of this page.

Part of the Commodity Cookery & Contests Extravaganza

  • Open to all 4-H members.
  • Contest Description: Contestants complete application that are turned in ahead of time, then complete a face-to-face interview with judge(s).
  • You must pre-register through this link
  • Registrations should be completed as if applicants are fully qualified for the job. Interview questions and applications are specific to division.
  • Youth compete as a division. Elementary: 4th-6th grades, Junior: 7th-8th grades, and Senior: 9th-12th grades.
  • All contestants are expected to dress nice and neat to best present themselves to the judges.
  • This contest is designed to expose the 4-H’ers to the common job application and interviewing process.
  • Winners in each grade category will win their first paycheck!
  • Deadline to register is November 8th.

Part of the Commodity Cookery & Contests Extravaganza

  • Open to any 4-H member.
  • The contest may consist of:

A. Market Class

• Judge one class of six dressed fryers according to U.S. Grades.

• Judge one class of six dressed hens according to U.S. Grades.

B. Egg Class

• Judge one class of ten broken out eggs (Judge one class of ten).

C. External Quality

• Judge two classes of 6 eggs for exterior quality.

For study guides, see the bottom of this page.

Part of the Commodity Cookery & Contests Extravaganza

  • Open to any 4-H member.
  • Elementary and Junior contestants will be required to identify cuts of meat from beef, pork and lamb, if possible, and tell what wholesale cut it is taken from. Study charts are available at the 4-H Office.
  • Senior contestants will be required to identify cuts of meat from beef, pork, and lamb.
  • To practice for this contest, it is recommended that youth visit fresh meat markets or the meat sections in the local groceries.

For study guides, see the bottom of this page.

Part of the Commodity Cookery & Contests Extravaganza

  • Open to all 4-H members.
  • There will be a limit to no more than one entry per category
  • Members of a team demonstration (2 members only) can be from different clubs and different grade level but will compete in the oldest team member’s grade division.
  • All demonstrations and speeches must be prepared and practiced prior to Demonstration Day.
  • A demonstration which was presented for an area and/or state competition may not be presented by the same person or team on Demonstration Day.
  • There will be one easel and tables in each contest room. 4-H'ers must furnish all other equipment and supplies. 4-H'ers are responsible for clean-up after each demonstration they present.
  • All demonstrations must be pre-registered. Any demonstration not pre-registered will be unable to participate. You can pre-register here
  • Categories are Civic Engagement,/Leadership Method, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Method, and Healthy Living Method.
  • Deadline to register is November 8th.

For demonstration resources, please see the attachment at the bottom of this page.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

  1. The pumpkin decorating contest registration is due on October 27th to the 4-H Office.
  2. The main part of each entry must be a pumpkin or a member of the pumpkin family. NO CRAFT PUMPKINS WILL BE PERMITTED.
  3. Each entry must clearly labeled and include the following information: contest category, student’s name, grade level, and 4-H club.
  4. Skill level should reflect the youth’s grade and age.
  5. Pumpkins may not be carved or hollowed out.
  6. 4-H members may enter one (1) pumpkin in each category.
  7. Objects, paper, and materials of any kind may be pinned or glued to pumpkins except for glitter. Participants may also draw or paint on their entries, cut designs into their surfaces, or dress them up. Again, do not carve or hollow out your pumpkin.
  8. No electrical device may be used as part of any entry.
  9. Pumpkins must be picked up on October 31st but no later than November 2nd. Pumpkins not picked up will be discarded (thrown away).

Entries are judged according to the following criteria:

Originality Use of materials Quality of the work Creativity

  1. Judging Categories
  1. School Pride-make your pumpkin your school’s mascot, school colors, a teacher, etc.
  2. Animal Pumpkin - Lions, tigers, bears -oh my! Make your decorated pumpkin look like an animal.
  3. Character – show us your favorite Disney character, movie character, game character, etc.
  4. 4-H Spirit Pumpkin - Show us your love for 4-H by decorating your pumpkin with your favorite 4-H things.
  1. Some Helpful Tips:
    1. Keep your pumpkin in good shape.
    2. Choose a firm pumpkin, with no blemishes, and make sure the stem is firmly attached.
    3. First wash your pumpkin under running water.
    4. Store your pumpkin in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place.
  2. Some decorating tips:
    1. Use acrylic paint if you wish to paint your pumpkin.
    2. Use a glue gun or straight pins to attach decorations to your pumpkin.
    3. Make sure that you give your pumpkin time to dry.
    4. Think about transporting your pumpkin.

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