Acadia Rice and Soybean Advisory Meeting

Minutes of the 2010 Acadia Parish Rice and Soybean Advisory Committee Meeting

The Acadia Parish Rice and Soybean Advisory Committee of the LSU AgCenter held its annual committee meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. at the Acadia Parish office. Those present for the meeting were: Jackie Loewer, Allen Lawson, Jerry Leonards, Dr. Ron Levy, Dr. Don Groth, Bruce Schultz, Josh Zaunbrecher, Tommy Faulk, Kim Frey, Wayne Wild, Paul Zaunbrecher, Allen Hogan, Dustin Harrell, Dennis Leonards, Dr. Johnny Saichuk, Randy Monceaux, Fred Zaunbrecher, Rustin Gilder, Darryl Hoffpauir andBarrett Courville

Barrett Courville, county agent, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending. He reviewed the purpose of the meeting, which is to get input from producers on future research and extension programs.

Barrett explained the parish rice situation:

  • 85,000 acres were planted in 2010, which is up about 5,000 acres.
  • 90 percent was long grain with 10 percent medium grain.
  • 75 percent of the planting was Clearfield.
  • Panicle Blight was a big problem this year.
  • It was a hot and dry summer.
  • Rice looked good all season but yields were down – 42 barrel average.
  • Second crop was really good this year.

Dr. Johnny Saichuk explained the state rice situation:

  • Increase in rice acres come from the northeast part of Louisiana.
  • Panicle Blight was a major problem.
  • Over 70 percent of rice planted was Clearfield varieties.
  • Really hot summer.
  • Outcrossing problems with Clearfield Hybrids. Volunteer hybrids hard to tell what it is resistant to Newpath. Clearfield Stewardship was discussed.
  • Went over Caffey rice variety.
  • Lower yields in medium grain varieties discussion.

Dr. Don Groth gave the rice disease update:

  • Bacterial Panicle Blight.
  • Breeding for disease resistance.
  • No new fungicides.
  • Second crop fungicide treatment research.

Dustin Harrell gave an update on:

  • New recommendation for CL151 Nitrogen recommendations.
  • Phosphorous new recommendations which are used with A & L soil tes.t
  • Zn work, good recommendations.
  • 60-90 drill seeded rice.

He also reviewed the soybean fungicide results. Group 5 varieties 3-5 bushel increase.

Allen Hogan told the group about the parish soybean situation:

  • Went over acres and yield in southwest region.
  • Drought conditions in most areas.
  • Good quality of soybeans this year.
  • Acadia is using harvest aids frequently.
  • Fungicides were weak in Group 5.
  • Talked on pH and fertilizers on soybeans.

Dr. Ronnie Levy, gave the state soybean report:

  • Increase in production in all countries.
  • State record this year in August for Louisiana with 44 bu.
  • Talked on desiccants.
  • Armyworms were an early problem.
  • Early application of herbicides to control small weeds.
  • Very little red banded stink bugs.
  • Prices to stay up for the next three years.
  • Will send out newsletter every month.
  • Went over verification program.
  • Went over planting dates.

Producers asked for help on particular topics. Gave problems and recommendations.

  • Need new Clearfield varieties.
  • Desiccants in rice.
  • CL 111 inconsistency.
  • Large release of new varieties.
  • Seeding rates on rice varieties.
  • Marketing of rice through growing specialty rice.
  • Sustainability in the industry.

Barrett talked about the Production Meeting scheduled for Jan. 6, 2011, in the county agent's office. He asked everyone to keep their e-mail current with our office as most information goes out to farmers via e-mail.

The meeting was adjourned at noon with lunch sponsored by agriculture businesses.

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