Evangeline 4-H Egg Poultry Pecan and Sweet Potato Cookery Contest

The 2011 Fall Foods Festival features the Egg, Poultry, Pecan and Sweet Potato Cookery Contests and will be held on Monday, Nov. 21, 2011, at the Sacred Heart Elementary School Gym.  Dishes will be accepted from noon to1:00 p.m.  All 4-H'ers are welcome to participate. You do not have to be enrolled in any particular 4-H project.

The purpose of this contest is for 4-H Club members to have satisfactory learning experiences and acquire knowledge of quality standards, size classifications, nutritional value, storage, cooking principles, versatility, use and economic value of eggs, poultry, pecan and sweet potato products.

Sponsors for these contests are as follows: 
Egg cookery contest is sponsored by Evangeline Feed & Store
Poultry cookery contest is sponsored by Jack Miller’s Food Products
Sweet Potato cookery contest is sponsored by E & L Produce
Pecan cookery contests is sponsored by Ranch Supply

Egg Cookery Contest

The contest is divided into four divisions:

    • Appetizer/Salad 
    • Main Dish 
    • Dessert
    • Egg Ambassador Illustrated Talk


    • No raw eggs are allowed in the final product. All eggs must be cooked. 
    • The egg dish must utilize a minimum of four eggs. This can be four whites, four yolks or four whole eggs. 
    • Each 4-H’er may enter one dish in each egg division.

Poultry Cookery Contest

The contest is divided into two divisions:

    • Chicken: a dish containing a minimum of 2 pounds bone-in chicken or 1 pound deboned chicken meat.

Chicken includes any of the following:  Fryer; Broiler; Baking Hen; Capon; Roaster; Cornish or Game Hen.

This category does not allow special processed chicken such as: marinated chicken strips, chicken nuggets, chicken franks, smoked chicken, canned chicken, etc.

    • Processed Poultry Products: a dish containing a minimum of 12 ounces of processed poultry products. These are poultry meats which have undergone special processing such as marinating, breading, seasoning, reshaped and formed products.

Acceptable products: Ground turkey, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, smoked turkey, turkey ham, turkey rolls, ground chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken franks, smoked chicken, chicken strip and canned chicken.

Special Note: All dishes containing any turkey item (whole, part or processed) should be entered in this division.

Pecan Cookery Contest

The contest is divided into three divisions:

    • Candy
    • Desserts
    • Other Pecan Dishes


Each dish must use a minimum of 1 cup of pecan or pecan product.

Sweet Potato Cookery Contest

The contest is divided into two divisions:

    • Desserts
    • Other Sweet Potato Dishes


Each dish must use a minimum of 1 cup of fresh, frozen, canned sweet potato.

General Requirements

    • The dish  must be exhibited cold to the touch.

    • Bring a copy of the recipe along with the dish. A number will be assigned to each dish when it is entered, so please do not write your name on your recipe or dish.

    • Be sure that your recipe is written correctly. A correctly written recipe has four main parts: 
        (1) Name of recipe. 
        (2) List of ingredients used.
        (3) Directions for preparing. 
        (4) Yield or number of servings in the dish.

    • The entire dish must be exhibited at the contest.

    • Anything used to enhance the appearance of the dish must be in or on the serving container

    • All dishes must be prepared at home and brought ready for the judges to taste. No cooking will be done at the parish contest.

    • Creativity and originality are encouraged. Use of recipes from previous years is discouraged.

    • Nutrition emphasis: In the parish, area and state contests, serious emphasis will be placed on nutrition, including lowered amounts of fat and sodium as well as the nutritional aspects of all ingredients and nutritious preparation methods

    • A parish winner will be selected in each of the divisions. Each will receive an award from the contest sponsor and will represent the parish in that division at the area contest to be held in Alexandria, La. in March 2012.

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