2 4-D Application Restrictions

For several crop seasons, a growing problem had emerged with damage to non-target crops, gardens and other plants primarily in the parishes of Evangeline, St. Landry, Avoyelles and Rapides. This damage resulted primarily from herbicides in the Phenoxy group, which consists, for the most part, of plant hormonal growth regulators. The most commonly used in this area include those in the 2, 4-D family or mixes using 2, 4-D as one of the main ingredients, such as Grazon P +D, Weedmaster, Weedar, Crossbow, as well as many of the commercial lawn herbicides under different trade names. These herbicides are used by many of our parish rice growers, cattlemen, hay producers and homeowners.

As a result of these problems, normal waiver restrictions as well as a special permit process were put in place for last year's growing season. In the past these restrictions have been on commercial applicators using ground rig or aerial application of 2,4-D or any herbicides containing 2,4-D in the mixture.

This year as last year the regulations will affect both commercial and private applicators as follows:

April 1–April 30  Waiver for Commercial Ground  & Permit for Commercial Aerial Applications
May 1–August 1 No Commercial or Private Application of 2,4-D Herbicides or 2, 4-D mixes in Evangeline Parish; Exception for permitted applications only in the following area: South of LA Hwy 104 & LA Hwy. 26-North of Hwy 190 between Hwy 165 & Hwy 13 in Allen & Evangeline parishes.
August 1-Sept 15 Waiver for Aerial or Ground Commercial Application

Waivers may be obtained from the District office of the La. Dept. of Ag. & Forestry located in Opelousas, La. (227)-948-0230. Permits may be obtained from the state office of the La. Dept. of Ag. & Forestry, Baton Rouge, La. (225-925-3763).

Anyone who would like further explanation of these regulations, or if you have questions about the 2,4-D restrictions, please feel free to contact: The Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture regional office in Opelousas at (337)-948-0230 or Keith Fontenot, county agent, at the Evangeline Parish office of the LSU AgCenter at 337-363-5646.

It is the policy of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability.
4/11/2006 2:48:11 AM
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