Parish Fair

2019 Jeff Davis Parish Fair Catalog banner.

One-Year Members

  • Frances Guidry
  • Kate Bangle
  • Jackie Brown
  • Lin Fake
  • Eddie Eskew
  • Robert Price
  • Marilyn Strickland
  • Brandi LaBauve
  • Clifford Myers
  • Norma Young

Two -Year Members

  • Ollie Tietje
  • Bernice Myers
  • Marilyn Stewart
  • Janet Doucet
  • Jeanette Crochet
  • Elaine Stockton
  • Kay Lessard
  • Linda Patterson
  • Patty Vidrine-Daigle
  • Eileen Eskew

Three-Year Members

  • Karen Daigle
  • Sandra Guillory
  • Ivy Woods
  • Ernie Freeman
  • Jessie Thibodeaux
  • Brenda Myers
  • Linda Rogers
  • Tracy Hogan
  • Lee Ann Vincent
  • Lana Myers

LSU AgCenter Extension Service Personnel

  • Robert Turley – Extension Agent
  • Frances Guidry – Asst. Extension Agent
  • Amy Welch – Assistant Extension Agent (4-H)
  • Cassie Davis– 4-H Program Assistant
  • Joetta Trahan – Administrative Coordinator 3

FFA Sponsors:

  • Lana Myers – Elton High School
  • Jesse Thibodeaux – Hathaway High School
  • Aaron Rasberry – Jennings High School
  • Lee Ann Vincent – Lacassine High School
  • Robbie Price – Lake Arthur High School
  • Misty Thibodeaux – Welsh High School

Kelly Billeaudeaux
Culinary Instructor
Jeff Davis Parish School Board

FCCLA Sponsors:

  • Cindy Doise – Elton High School
  • April Moore – Hathaway High School
  • Danielle Foreman – Jennings High School
  • Christy Oliver - Lacassine High School
  • Meggan Boudreaux – Lake Arthur High School
  • April Bianchini – Welsh High School

Volunteers of Family and Community (VFC)

  • Jeff Davis VFC Homesteaders
  • Jeff Davis VFC Trailblazers
  • Jeff Davis VFC Domestic Divas

Schedule of Events
Jefferson Davis Parish Fair

MONDAY, September 30, 2019

1:00pm – 6:00pm – School Booths may be put up

TUESDAY, October 1, 2019

8:00am to 6:00pm - Entries must be made in Fairgrounds Office (337) 368-2433, (including poultry, rabbits, livestock, agriculture and homemaking entries)

8:00am – 6:00pm School booths may be set up

(No livestock will be permitted in the barn until Friday morning, October 4)


11:00am – Deadline for School Booth Set up

11:00am – Judging all booths

6:30pm - Talent show, Fairgrounds Arena


9:00am - Judging of agricultural and homemaking exhibits.

7:00pm - Queen's Pageant, Fairgrounds


6:00am to 10:00am - All livestock, poultry and rabbits must be in barn

9:00am – Parade

12:00pm - Judging of Swine and Dairy

12:00pm - Judging of Sheep & Goats

12:00pm - Judging of Beef

12:00pm - Judging of Rabbits followed by Poultry

5:00pm – All poultry, rabbits and livestock must be out of the barn


4-H/FFA FALL Classic Livestock Show (Beef, Dairy, Goat, Sheep)

(Contact Aaron Rasberry, Jennings FFA Advisor @ 337.229.8897)


12:00 Noon to 5:00pm - All exhibits must be picked up at Fairgrounds Multi-Purpose Building.

7:00am – 5:00pm - All educational booths must be removed.

Parish Fair General Rules

General Rules:

The Jefferson Davis Parish Fair is a five-day fair beginning at 8:00am Tuesday, October 1 and ending at 11:00pm Saturday, October 5, 2019. No exhibit, except livestock, poultry and rabbits, can be removed until 12:00pm on Monday, October7. Premium money will be forfeited if exhibits are removed off the fairgrounds prior to release time.

All exhibitors must be residents of Jeff Davis Parish.

Applications to exhibit in any of the various departments must be sent to the Jefferson Davis Parish Fair Association at the Jeff Davis Fairgrounds in Jennings, LA on or before Tuesday, October 1, from 6:00p.m., unless otherwise provided for in any of the rules governing each department.

Notice to all exhibitors:

The Fair Association will take every precaution to ensure safety to all exhibitors, but in no case shall the Association or any officer or employee of the Jefferson Davis Parish Fair Association be held responsible for any loss, injury, death or disease of any character to any such property while the exhibit is on the Fairgrounds.

Due to the fact that it is easy to move tags and ribbons from one exhibit to another, all awards will be made from the judges' records.

Inappropriate exhibits will be excluded from competition and exposition.

Placings in each category will be at the discretion of the judge.

If you wish to add or delete entries listed in the fair catalog, call the fairgrounds office at (337) 368-2433.

False evidence and protests:

Any exhibitor violating any of the rules of the Jefferson Davis Parish Fair or obtaining any rewards by false evidences or misrepresentation will forfeit all awards.

All protests must be made to the Fair Office in writing five (5) business hours after the cause and accompanied by a deposit of $50, which will be forfeited if protest is not sustained. The protest must state plainly the cause of complaint or appeal and must be filed with the fair manager immediately upon access to the fair office. Business hours are from 8:00am to 6:00pm, October 2-5, 2019.


Entries in all divisions must be made at the main office located on the Fairgrounds, Hwy. 26 South, Jennings, (337) 368-2433. The 2019 Fair catalog will be available on the LSU AgCenter Jeff Davis Parish web site at Limited copies may be available at the LSU AgCenter Extension Service Office located at the Parish Fairgrounds. Entries will not be accepted after dates listed in the catalog.


Placings (Premiums) are at the discretion of the judges.

In the event there is not sufficient money to pay all premiums as listed in the catalog, they will be paid on a percentage basis.

The following colors will be used in designating awards: Champion, Royal Purple; Reserve Champion, Lavender; First Premium, Blue; Second Premium, Red; Third Premium, White; Fourth Premium, Pink; Fifth Premium, Yellow; Honorable Mention, Green; Champion and Reserve Champion shall be Rosettes.

In case of an irregularity of any entry or questions as to the right of animal or article to compete in a given class, the judges shall report same to the Manager. Any attempt to interfere with the superintendents in the performance of their duties in any department will be considered just cause for disqualifying an exhibitor from competing for premiums.

Queen's Contest

Brandy LaBouve 277-5678

New in 2019: There will be an opportunity for Home School/Self Study high school students.They must meet and select two girls from those that are interested in participating.

  • Contestants must attend practice at the Fair Grounds, interview, meal and parade during Fair Week.
  • Contestants must be either a junior or a senior from one of the parish high schools.
  • Only two girls from each school may participate each year.
  • Girls are voted on by the student body or a pageant at their school to select them.
  • Girls must be single and have no children.
  • If the present queen marries during her reign, her title will go to the First Maid.
  • If a contestant is selected as First or Second Maid in one year, she may compete the following year.
  • Fair Queens may compete in other festivals and pageants at their own expense.
  • Contestants must wear suits or street clothes for the interview and meal (no pants). Contestants must also wear a long evening gown for the pageant at the Fair Grounds and the parade.
  • Each contestant is responsible for obtaining a car to ride on in the parade and must make signs for their cars stating their school, name and Fair Queen Contestant.

Fair Parade General Information

Ivy Woods (821-2116)

  • To enter units, or for additional information, call Parade Superintendent.
  • Deadline for all entries except bicycles and horses is 4:00pm on Friday, September 27, 2019.
  • The parade will line up at James Ward Elementary (formerly Northside Junior High School) and will begin promptly at 9:00am on Friday, October 4, 2019. The corner of Main and Davies streets will be blocked off to vehicle traffic and entry must be made from 11th Street. Only those vehicles used in the parade will be allowed in the parade line up areas. Information points will be set up to assign numbers to units and individuals as they arrive. Numbered stakes will be set up along the parade line up area and when your number has been assigned, you should locate the stake bearing corresponding number and fall into position and remain there until parade time.
  • Bicycles: Registration will be on the morning of the parade at a table set up in front of the cafeteria at James Ward Elementary and entries will be assigned numbers at time of registration. Bikes will line up directly behind registration table and must be registered and in line by 8:30am. Contestants must register to qualify for prize. No motorized vehicles, such as three-wheelers, motorbikes, etc. will be allowed.
  • Horses: Registration will be on the morning of the parade at a table set up in front of the James Ward Elementary Gym and must be completed by 8:30am. Numbers will be assigned at time of registration. Horses must enter by the driveway on the west side of James Ward Elementary (football stadium entrance) and line up directly behind the school. Registration is mandatory in order to qualify for prizes.
  • Bands: Bands will line up on Shankland Avenue (Hwy.90) directly in front of James Ward Elementary and should be in place and ready to march by 8:45am.
  • On the Thursday preceding the parade, the Jennings Daily News will carry the official parade lineup. Entries with large marching groups and parents with young children should, if possible, consult that edition of the paper and ascertain what number has been assigned to their unit.
  • Distribution of prizes: As soon as the judges have made their decision, the winners will be announced to KJEF, the Jennings Daily News, and the Fair Board Office located in the William Broussard Multipurpose Building at the Fairgrounds. Prize money can be picked up at the Fair Board Office after the parade is finished.

Talent Show

Sandra Guillory (821-7911) Fax (246-3121)
Morgan Guthrie (329-4357)
Kaye Lessard (302-7351)

There is NO ENTRY FEE! It is open only to Jeff Davis residents ONLY! If you are in a group you may do a solo or duet also.

  1. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in the Solo and Duet divisions in each age bracket. They will receive a trophy and the 1st place winner may come back Thursday night to entertain at the Queen's contest.
  2. There will be a 1st and 2nd place winner in the groups in each age division. The 1st will receive $40 and the 2nd will receive $20.
  3. Any vulgar moves or vulgar music (words) will not be allowed. The music will be stopped and you will be asked to leave the stage area. Routines are to be no longer than four minutes.
  4. All contestants must complete an entry form to be turned in no later than Thursday, September 26, 2019.There will be an informational meeting Thursday night September 26, 2019, at 6:30pm at the Fairgrounds. IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU AND YOUR PARENT OR TEACHER ATTEND THIS MEETING. IF unable to make meeting contestant must meet with superintendent to sign consent form!!!
  5. Please bring copy of music so I can review it. Parents need to sign a consent form.
  6. Singers really need instrumental music. All contestants will have a tag to wear and only one parent or teacher will be allowed in roped-in area. They will also have a tag. Persons without a TAG will NOT be allowed in the roped-in area. This is to help ensure the safety of the children. The public is asked to help with this.
  7. Deadline to enter is Thursday, September 26, 2019. If you have any questions please call Sandra Guillory at 821-7911. Mail entries to Kaye Lessard, 7051 Sandyhill Road, Roanoke, LA 70581 or email to We will have a large carpet (indoor-outdoor) for teams to compete on.
  8. Age Divisions:5-7 years, 8-10 years, 11-13 years, 14-18 years, solo and groups and 19 & over, solo and groups.
  9. Talent contestants may bring music on USB drives.

Livestock Department

Lana Myers, Superintendent

Unless otherwise specified, the Jeff Davis Parish Fair will follow the rules set up in the LSU Livestock Show catalog for the beef, dairy, sheep, goat and swine shows. All livestock should be entered between the hours of 8:00a.m.and 6:00p.m. Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

  • Only registered animals can compete for championship, unless otherwise specified under the class in which they are entered.
  • All animals competing must be led in show ring.
  • All animals entered for competition should meet all requirements specified by State Livestock Sanitary Board.
  • A certificate of registry must be produced when entering breeding animals.
  • All feed must be furnished by exhibitor.
  • Only wood shavings can be used for bedding livestock.
  • All market animals will be weighed.
  • Livestock exhibits are not to arrive prior to 6:00am on Friday October 4, 2019.
  • All exhibits must be in barn by 10:00am Friday October 4, 2019.
  • The purpose of the Jeff Davis Parish beef, dairy, sheep, goat and swine livestock shows are:

a.To benefit the youth of Jeff Davis Parish.
b.To endorse participation in livestock exhibition and animal husbandry.
c.To create interest in livestock production.
d.To provide a structural environment conducive to displaying and/or exhibiting youth projects.
e. To nurture life skills relative to proper behavior displayed in competitive events (winning and losing).

Beef Cattle Department

Lana Myers, Superintendent

Note: Definition of classes

  • Junior Calf-4/1/19 to 8/31/19
  • Intermediate Calf-1/1/19 to 3/31/19
  • Senior Calf-9/1/18 to 12/31/18
  • Summer Yearling-5/1/18 to 8/31/18
  • Junior Yearling-1/1/18 to 4/30/18
  • Senior Yearling-9/1/17 to 12/31/17

Premiums: $18, $12, $9, $7 and $5 per class

Class 1 - British Breeds

Jeff Davis Parish Fair Board


President – Eddie Eskew
Vice President – Linda Patterson
Secretary – Ernie Freeman
Treasurer – Sylvia Guillotte

Board of Directors:

Innovate . Educate . Improve Lives

The LSU AgCenter and the LSU College of Agriculture