Lafourche Rabbit Show

Rabbit Show

The Lafourche Parish 4-H program is hosting a Rabbit Show to be held on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, at 9:00 a.m. in conjunction with the Lafourche Parish Junior Livestock Show. It will take place at the Agriculture Building in Raceland, La. which is located right behind Raceland Upper Elementary off of Highway 308.

We encourage you to bring your rabbit(s) to the show. All rabbits should be brought in a leak-proof cage to accommodate your rabbit(s) during the show. Please fill out an entry form, available through the link below and mail it back to the 4-H office to enter the show. Entry forms are due Jan. 13, 2017.

Every rabbit needs to have an ID/tatoo mark in the left ear. If your rabbit doesn't have a tattoo, just take a permanent marker and write an ID marking in the ear for the show. It can be the child's name, the rabbit's name, a special number, etc. Please assign each rabbit a different marking.

Everyone will receive a ribbon for their entries. Rabbits are to be brought in on Saturday morning and entered from 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. There will be a showmanship contest. The age divisions are 9-11 years old, 12-14 years old and 15 and up. Awards will be given. Rabbits will be released immediately after all rabbits have been judged and ribbons are awarded.

You will be able to exhibit rabbits in the classes listed below. You can only enter one male and one female for each breed.
Note: Your child is responsible for getting the rabbit to the show table. No adult can bring the rabbit to the table.

Buck - Any Other Pure Breeds

Doe - Any Other Pure Breeds

Buck - Californian

Doe - Californian

Buck - Dutch

Doe - Dutch

Buck - Havana

Doe - Havana

Buck - Holland Lops

Doe - Holland Lops

Buck - Lionhead

Doe - Lionhead

Buck - Mini Lops

Doe - Mini Lops

Buck - Mini Rex

Doe - Mini Rex

Buck - Netherland Dwarf

Doe - Netherland Dwarf

Buck - New Zealand

Doe - New Zealand

Buck - Non-Pure Breeds (large)

Doe - Non-Pure Breeds (large)

Buck - Non-Pure Breeds (small)

Doe - Non-Pure Breeds (small)

Buck – Silver Fox

Doe – Silver Fox


15 & over

12-14 years old

9-11 years old


For the Fryer Class, you will need two young rabbits. Each of these rabbits should be around 3-6 pounds. Remember, you may enter only one animal in each class except fryers which is two animals. An Overall Champion and Reserve Champion of the show will be awarded.


Check your rabbits now for ear mites, ear cankers and sore hocks. As a favor to all other rabbit exhibitors, if your rabbit has ear mites or other problems, it would be better to leave them home so that all other rabbit entries will not be exposed to them. If you do bring an infected rabbit, it will not be allowed in the show barn. This is to reduce the spread of diseases among rabbits.

Mites live in the ear canal and cause damage to the skin lining this area. A brown, waxy material soon covers the inner ear. In severe cases, the entire inner surface of the external ear may be affected. To control this, you need to treat all animals with mineral or vegetable oil. Swab the entire inner ear with medicine on a cotton applicator stick. Allow a small amount to run down into the ear passage. If scales or crusts are sparse, be sure to work the oil well into the ear. If heavy crusts are present, saturate them with oil until they become soft and then remove with tweezers. Then medicate the ear again. Swab the inner ears every day or two until it is clean of crusts. Ear mites are contagious to other rabbits.

Sore hocks are inflamed bare spots, devoid of fur, found on the bottom surface of the hind legs. To get rid of sore hocks, there are some medications sold by your feed and seed dealers or you can use hydrogen peroxide applied to the infected area. Several applications may be necessary.

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