Welcome to LaSalle Parish 4-H!

In LaSalle Parish, 4-H is a vital part of the educational process with active clubs in all parish public and private schools, reaching youth in third through twelfth grades. The parish is concentrating on initiatives that include Workforce Preparation, Character Education, Leadership, and Community Service-Learning based on Mission Mandates: Science, Engineering and Technology.

4honlineenroll2jpgjpgThis year we are excited to announce that we have an online enrollment system to join 4-H. 4-H Members and Adult Volunteers will enroll online.

4H Online is an online member enrollment and program management software used by 4-H programs across the country. 4HOnline is fully encrypted; member and volunteer information is safe, backed up continuously, and fully secured.

This system allows families to manage all of their contacts in one place. A step-by-step guide on how to enroll can be located at the bottom of the page.

4-H Dues

Parish dues will remain at $5.00 for the 2022-23 Club Year. (note: Each 4-H club may be slightly different- some include a t-shirt, field trip, refreshments, etc. Additionally if you need 4-H club materials, the 4-H Mall catalog (or online) is a great resource to browse through. It is loaded with 4-H club meeting materials you maybe interest in obtaining. 4-H Members will turn in their dues to their School Leader along with the Enrollment confirmation form. This form is attached at the bottom of this article and is also being handed out at the School Club Meetings in September.

Project Books

We will only provide project books to 4 and 5 grade members. I will request at the September recruitment meetings for youth to select three project areas they are most interest in so we can tailor workshop/programing effort from this information. Should older members need a project book, I’ll work with those youth on an individual basis.

Please contact the LaSalle 4-H Office at 318-992-2205 if you need assistance with the online enrollment process.

How to Join

In this section you will find the steps on how to enroll in 4-H online! It is recommended that your parent/guardian complete the enrollment from start to finish all at one time. This should take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Creating an Account / Re-enrolling in 4-H.

Step 1: A. If you have an existing family account, login to your accounts member list and select “Enroll Now” for each member, update information, verify school club, and projects. (School 4-H Club Leaders: Select Club Volunteer as Type and Club Leader as Role.) Youth and adult members with existing accounts will re-enroll every August 1.

B. If you are new go to: https://v2.4honline.com/, (or QR Code above) select “Don’t have an account,” and continue the steps below.

Step 2: Select your state (Louisiana), Select Institution (Louisiana 4-H Youth Development), Then select Parish (LaSalle) from the drop-down menus.

Step 3: Compete this section with your family information, Create Password, then click the Create Account button. (Hint** Enter phone number with NO Dashes & Don’t use your School Student Email**)

Step 4: Enter in your address information, then click the Verify button (note: if you get an error message after entering your address, use Google Maps to locate your home address and then copy it into 4H Online). Side note, if you create a new account but an existing account is found, click Confirm and continue to Login with the Existing 4-H Online Account.

Next section: Adding a New Member to the Family Account – 4-H members and Adult Volunteers.

Step 1: Confirm you are logged into your new family account, then click on “Member List” and “Add Member.” Select “Louisiana 4-H” and click Next. Continue to enter in the 4-H member’s information (all items in red are required), then click Next.

Step 2: Complete the “About You” form, then click Next.

Step 3: Select your method of participation (New or Returning Louisiana 4-H Youth), then click Finish. Continue to Clubs

Next section: Adding 4-H School Club or Cloverbud Member Enrollment.

Step 1: Click “Select Clubs.” (Unless you are Re-Enrolling from this summer then click Re-Enroll and verify school club and projects.)

Step 2: Click the select Clubs button, your Primary Club is the school you attend. Once you have added your school club, click Next.

Step 3: Click “Select Projects” (example: Livestock, Wildlife, Aerospace, Food & Nutrition). Record number of years in project and click “Add.” Repeat these steps for each project area of interest, then select “Next.”

Step 4: Click “Show Questions” and complete the enrollment questions. (*Under School, highlight the circle and select School County/parish, School District, and School Name again. *) Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen when you are finished.

Step 5: You will be required to complete Health & Consent Forms then click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen when you are done.

Step 6: Review the enrollment information. Once verified that the club and projects are listed correctly, click Submit button. Congratulations, your enrollment is complete (Only if you clicked submit). You are not able to pay any fees online all fees are due to the member’s school. Contact your local club leader for more information. Please skip the payment screens. If you wish to add an additional enrollment for either another 4-Her or a parent volunteer, click Add Member and follow this procedure. Need help? Watch “How to Enroll in Louisiana 4-H on 4-H Online from a Mobile Device” at https://bit.ly/3yG3vzX

Step 7: Use the form below to submit your 4-H Club Dues at your school’s office or your school 4-H Club Leader once online enrollment is complete.

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