2011 4-H Cooks! Contest

The 2011 4-H Cooks! Contest will be held Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011, at the Madison Parish Extension Office. You do not have to be present to win. Entries may be taken to school where they will be picked up for judging. Winners will be announced by the end of the school day. Insulated carriers and containers may be picked up after school or they will be returned to you at school the following day. Call 318-574-2465 for more information.

Don't miss this chance to qualify for the regional cook-off and join the Madison Parish 4-H Cooks! Team.

Contest Divisions:

The dish must contain a minimum of one pound of boneless beef or 2 pounds bone-in beef. All beef should be cooked until gray in color, not pink, and juices run clear. Any type of beef dish may be entered.

Catfish:  The dish must use a minimum of one cup (8 ounces) of catfish. Please use farm-raised Louisiana catfish. Any type of catfish dish may be entered.

Chicken:  The dish must contain a minimum of 2 pounds bone-in or one pound de-boned chicken meat. Any type of chicken dish may be entered.

Corn:  The dish must contain a minimum of 1 cup (8 ounces) corn product such as corn, corn meal, grits, or hominy corn. Product used may be fresh, frozen or canned.

Egg:  The dish must utilize a minimum of four eggs. This can be four whites, four yolks, or four whole eggs. No raw eggs will be allowed in final product.   The recipe with four eggs must make only standard size dish. For example, a recipe with four eggs that makes two pies of standard size will not qualify. Any type egg dish may be entered.

Pecan:  The dish must contain at least 1 cup of pecans. Any type of pecan dish may be entered.

Rice:  The dish must contain at least one cup of uncooked rice or two cups of cooked rice (white or brown rice). If contestant is using rice bran instead of rice, the recipe must contain at least 1/4 cup of rice bran. Wild rice is acceptable as long as there are two cups of cooked white  or brown rice also included in the dish.  Any type rice dish may be entered.

Sweet Potato:  The dish must contain a minimum of one cup of fresh, canned, or frozen sweet potatoes. Any type sweet potato dish may be entered.

To compete at the regional contest, you must first qualify by entering a copy of your RECIPE and ONE SERVING of your dish at the parish contest to be held Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011, at the 4-H Office.  You do not have to be present to qualify.  Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions to enter the parish contest:

1.  Select a favorite family recipe that meets the requirements listed for each division.

2.  Make a typed or handwritten copy of  your RECIPE to accompany your entry.  (See recipe guidelines on back.)

3.  Prepare your dish at home the night before and save ONE LARGE SERVING to enter the contest. Be sure to refrigerate your entry overnight. (If  entering your recipe in multiple contest divisions, you will need to bring servings for each entry in separate containers.)

4.  Label your entry with your name, grade and school along with the name of your recipe.

5.  Pack you entry in a plastic, covered, disposable container, COLD and ON ICE in an insulated ice chest or carrier, You may either bring your entry to your school main office where it will be collected by someone from the 4-H Office or have someone drop it off at the 4-H Office for you by 9:00 a.m.

6.  Winners will be announced by 3:00 p.m. Awards will be presented during the February 2011 4-H Club meetings.


*  1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive medals in each category.
*  Every contestant will receive a ribbon and certificate.
*  1st place winners will represent Madison Parish 4-H in the regional cook-off on February 28 at the Rayville Civic Center


Recipe Checklist

1.  Does your recipe have all of these parts?
      Name of Recipe
      List of Ingredients
      Meets contest category requirements

2.  List of ingredients?
     Ingredients listed in the order in which they are used.
     Ingredients should be identified in the form they are used in the recipe.  Ex:  chopped onion or diced potato, softened cream cheese or sifted flour
    All measurements are spelled out, not abbreviated. Example: cup, teaspoon, ounce, tablespoon
    No brand names listed. Example:  gelatin - not jello, whipped topping - not Cool Whip, tomatoes with green chilies - not Rotel

3.  Directions - I have:
     Use clear instructions for every step.
     Use short, clear sentences.
     Use the correct word to describe combining and cooking steps.
     Stated the size of the pan.
     Given the temperature and cooking time.
     Included the number of servings or how much the recipe will make.
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