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Parents are important resources for 4-H Clubs. Included in this series are a Parent Survey, introductory enrollment note, and four more informative letters to parents.

The parent survey is a great tool for 4-H Club Leaders! It can be used to help recruit volunteers and determine what talents and skills are available to assist you, the leader.

Included in the survey are the following components:

*  Interest Survey - volunteers select activities that appeal to them, such as attend club meetings, chaperone a trip, bring refreshments, judge a contest, provide transportation and take pictures, etc.

*  Leadership - Offers volunteers opportunities for enhanced service as a club assistant, helping with club officers, maintaining a 4-H bulletin board, being a project leader, etc.

*  Assessment - Encourages volunteers to examine their interests, talents, hobbies and expertise in a wide variety of areas, including animals, child care, collecting, communication, computers, cooking, etc.

*  Training opportunities - Outlines numerous personal and professional development opportunities available for volunteers, such as overnight chaperone training, fishing sports training, shooting sports training, etc.

Also included are:

*  Parent foldable introductory letter - Wait! 4-H is no ordinary club!

*  Parent Partners 1 - 4-H Facts, Role of the supportive adult, and contact information

*  Parent Partners 2 - 4-H Projects, How can I help? and 4-H Member expectations

*  Parent Partners 3 - What's in it for me?, What about that Club Leader? and 4-H Leader roles

*  Parent Partners 4 -  5-STEP Experiential Learning Model, 4-H Events and Activities, and Learning Styles

If you need further assistance please contact the office at 318-574-2465.
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