4-H Club Steps to Success Operational Guide for Organizational Leaders

Steps for Volunteer

4-H Volunteers play a critical role in supporting positive experiences for youth members.

Volunteer leaders encourage youth in many ways, helping them learn life skills like goal-setting, planning, decision making, teamwork and resource management.

Volunteers who serve as 4-H leaders are considered lay faculty members of the LSU AgCenter and have access to research and resulting curriculum developed to have the greatest positive impact on youth.

4-H Group Coordinators have many important responsibilities and act as the primary liaison between the LSU AgCenter and the in-school 4-H club. This series of 4-H Club Steps To Success provides numerous supporting materials to serve as tools and references vital to the success of the in-school 4-H club. We suggest they be kept together in a notebook for easy reference.

9/7/2012 6:41:32 PM
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