Advisory Leadership Councils

The Advisory Leadership Council System is used by the LSU AgCenter as one method of responding to the needs of the people of Louisiana. Advisory Leadership Councils provide a mechanism for stakeholder involvement in assuring that education, outreach, and research programs conducted by the LSU AgCenter are in keeping with the mission, vision, and goals of the LSU AgCenter and that they are effective in meeting the needs of clientele.

Advisory Leadership Councils are made up of members of the community who advise LSU AgCenter faculty on program direction for a more effective and efficient delivery of services. Advisory Leadership Councils have been formed for each LSU AgCenter program area.

If you would like to serve on an Advisory Leadership Council in Madison Parish for 4-H Youth Development, please contact the Madison Parish Extension office of the LSU AgCenter at 318-574-2465

The 4-H Youth Development program held its annual Advisory Leadership Council Meeting on Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 4 p.m. at the LSU/SU AgCenter Office in Tallulah.

9 were in attendance including the following LSU/SU AgCenter employees: 4-H Agent Trey Newsome, Horticulture Agent Donna Lee, Regional 4-H Coordinator Terri Crawford, Administrative Coordinator 3 Tressie Frith and Healthy Communities Tori McDonald.

Trey Newsome, 4-H agent for Madison Parish introduced himself and asked participants to introduce themselves.

Mr. Newsome then introduced Donna R. Lee, Horticulture Agent, who explained her new role as Horticulture Agent for Madison Parish along with East and West Carroll Parishes.She requested participants to offer suggestions for directing her new program.

Mr. Newsome introduced Mrs. Terri Crawford, Regional 4-H Coordinator.Mrs. Crawford explained the need for stakeholders along with their input on program direction. Mr. Newsome needs ideas to shape the 4-H program for next school year.She requested input on the focus for club meetings, ways to improve enrollment and also serve as an advisor.

Mr. Newsome explained the Madison Parish Profile:

-enrollment has decreased

-presently no 12th grade participation but will improve next year

-working with Mrs. Rushing to be come next year’s 4-H leader

-middle schools are active now and ready for camp.Madison Parish had 26 slots

-interest in projects given from 4-H members; would like outside projects, school garden which Mr. Newsome is providing with Mrs. Tori McDonald

-retention and interest is a goal of Mr. Newsome’s

-the need for adult volunteers is another area he will focus on

-youth volunteers are also needed and will be addressed

-Clover Buds will come in future

Mr. Newsome and Mrs. McDonald introduced the AARP Grant to the group and the possibility of applying for the grant.

Mr. Newsome took an informal survey at school to find the areas the children would like to see addressed.Those where placed under the appropriate grouping.

Mr. Newsome then asked participants to identify needs.Needs were placed under 4 groups; Issues facing youth, Project clubs, Contests and Workshops.

The needs are as listed below:

Issues facing youth

-anger management

-self control

-peer pressure


-parent participation


Project Clubs

-community gardens


-service learning

-shooting sports

-food and fitness

-elderly interactions/volunteers


-boys and girls club




-art (decorating, drawing)



-shooting sports


-public speaking

-spelling bee


-mission store participation


-leadership and responsibility

-teamwork/team building

Participants were then asked to identify the most important focus area under each grouping which are as follows:

Issues facing youth – Communication

Project Clubs – Shooting sports and gardening

Contests – Public Speaking and shooting sports

Workshops – Team work/team building

Mr. Newsome then thanked participants for their participation and ended the meeting.

Below is a list of the 4-H ALC members and their affiliation with the LSU/SU AgCenter.

Name Affiliation

Patricia Candler - Tallulah Charter

Douglas Curtis - Owner, Doug's Market

Betty Bedgood - 4-H volunteer/Parent

George Shepherd - LDAF/Foundation Member

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