Mr. Guy's Ag 1 and 2 class

On April 11, 2014 Ahmad Robertson, LSU/SU AgCenter, ANR agent, Mr.Terri Guy, his students along with Mr. Douglas, St. Helena Central High Principal, worked on describing elements of design for indoor and outdoor plant landscapes. Agriculture Science classes in a high school education setting, are those that center around key areas in the agriculture industry, and that have a foundation in hands-on learning and technical education. Agriculture classes in general broaden the scope of an average high school student’s concept of agriculture, showing them that it is a much more diverse field of interest than just farming.

Miya Gordon, student, currently leads the greenhouse project and she will plant Jamaican Roselle Hibiscus. This fall she will give Mr. Douglas a plant so he can add it to his garden. Many parts of Roselle including seeds, leaves, fruits and roots are used in various foods and folk medicines. Overall Mr. Guy and his students did an excellent job with a fantastic evaluation. On April 17, 2014 the St. Helena Central High Ag Students toured Bracy’s Nursery and Amazing Trace Nursery and got a hands-on-learning with various plants.

7/14/2014 11:00:50 PM
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