Shooting Sports Program


The St. Landry Parish 4-H Shooting Sports program encompasses the initiative goals of volunteer leadership, capacity building for youth and families, and environmental stewardship with commitments from the Louisiana State University AgCenter.

Shooting Sports is an active program attractive to youth and adult audiences. The program uses positive learning and interaction with youth and adult role models.

Shooting Sports is an activity for everyone! Participation in the program is not limited by skill or physical abilities. The program is open to any St. Landry 4-H youth ages 9-19.

Objectives of 4-H Shooting Sports

The specific goals and objectives of the 4-H Shooting Sports Program include but are not limited to those listed below.

  • Encourage participation in natural resources and related natural science programs by exposing participants to the content through shooting, hunting, and related activities
  • Enhance development of self-concept, character and personal growth through safe, educational and socially acceptable involvement in shooting activity
  • Teach safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment including sound decision making, self-discipline and concentration
  • Promote the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship and ethical behavior
  • Expose participants to the broad array of vocational and life-long avocational activities related to shooting sports
  • Strengthen families through participation in life-long recreational activities
  • Complement and enhance the impact of existing safety, shooting and hunter education programs using experiential educational methods and progressive development of skills and abilities


  • All instructors in the program will be certified by the state committee to teach specific discipline(s).
  • Instructors shall participate in an instructor update if new material, instructional methods, or significant program changes are developed
  • Competitive shooting events are optional and individual, and not the main thrust of the program
  • A 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor has the right to refuse any participant from the shooting sports activity in the interest of safety for the participant and others in the program
  • A sponsor or scheduled 4-H shooting sport activity shall be conducted by a 4-H Shooting trained/certified instructor

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