2013 National 4-H Week

LauraM. Brumbaugh, Guidry, Hope B.

Trinity Lower 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade clubs celebrated National 4-H Week by painting the front of their campus green during National 4-H Week.Photo Submitted to 4-H Office

Cecilia Junior High 6th grade and 7th/8th grade clubs decorated their campus along their fence line during National 4-H Week.Photo Submitted to 4-H Office

4-H members from St. Martinville Primary proudly celebrate National 4-H Week. Photo Submitted to 4-H Office

More than 6 million young people across the country celebrated National 4-H Week, which takes place annually during the first full week of October. St. Martin Parish 4-H leverages National 4-H Week to celebrate the great things that the 4-H youth development program offers young people and highlights the incredible 4-H young people who each day work to a make a positive impact on their community.

During the week St. Martin parish 4-H celebrated 75 years of making the best better. They kicked off an alumni campaign during National 4-H Week in honor of our 75th anniversary. If you were a 4-H member in St. Martin parish, please complete the survey to be added to their alumni database at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8Z7XH28 . Also school clubs “painted” their schools green by showing 4-H spirit and pride with numerous decorations in the fronts of their campuses. The week ended with the first contest day of the year, Fall Fest, where youth entered the pet show, cooked a rice or sugar dish, and decorated a pumpkin.

“"Have you ever thought of devoting yourself to a club that is filled with a lot of fun, great friends, and many different challenging experiences that will keep you wanting more? If so, then 4-H is the club for you!" said Breaux Bridge High School 11th grade 4-H club member.

The St. Martin Parish 4-H program offers a variety of experiences for many different interests. This year they will offer a new project club entitled, “Hands 4 Art Club”. This club will focus on creating a welcoming environment to youth throughout the parish and teach to work in cooperation with others to create personal art projects. Also, a newly developed program being offered this year is a leadership program for 4th-6th grade 4-H members. The Discovering Leadership club will assist in the development of strong community leaders by focusing on communication, teamwork, and leadership. Both of these clubs are offered to any 4th-6th grade 4-H club member. More information can be found by calling the 4-H office at 337-332-2181, in the monthly Bayou Gazette newsletter, and on the St. Martin Parish 4-H Facebook page.

Research has proven that participation in 4-H has a significant positive impact on young people. Recent findings from the Tufts University 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development indicate that, when compared to their peers, young people in 4-H are:

· 2.3 times more likely to be physically active,
· Nearly two times more likely to plan to go to college, and
· 3.4 times more likely to contribute to their communities when compared with youth who do not participate in 4-H.

Learn more about St. Martin Parish 4-H at www.lsuagcenter.com/stmartin, find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/St.Martin4H and Twitter at https://twitter.com/stmartin4h.

Contact: Laura M. Brumbaugh, Associate Extension Agent, 4-H 337-332-2181


10/19/2013 1:19:21 AM
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