The Sunny Side of Gardening


sit- awhile

watering in the garden

If you are new to south Louisiana, welcome to our warm summer season of high humidity, high temperatures and high electrical bills. If you are a long time resident of the area, welcome to our summer season with cool shaded areas, cold sweet tea and cold watermelon. Like most things in life, especially our summer weather, it’s just a matter of perspective. As you attempt to garden in this July heat keep all your gardening needs and wants in check.

  • Drink lots of water. Gardeners working in their lawns and landscape may lose up to 2 quarts of water per hour. Drink water before, during and after your gardening chores. Water for you and your plants keeps everybody happy.
  • Wear loose clothing, broad brim hats and sun screen as part of your gardening attire. If you’re gonna’ be in one spot for a time, consider setting up your beach umbrella for shade. Shade can provide 10˚- 15˚ difference in temperature.
  • Early morning, late afternoon and frequent breaks help to make the summer gardening more tolerable. Work a while - sit and think a while, are good tips anytime of the year.

This is only July
It’s only gonna’ get hotter
Summer’s just starting
So drink plenty of “wotter.”

My rhyming attempt shows I’ve already been in the sun too long! Look at the sunny side of Gardening.


6/28/2010 11:32:43 PM
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