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With swimsuit season rapidly approaching, who wouldn’t want to look their best while gallivanting on the beach with family and friends! Luckily, the Choose MyPlate SuperTracker website can aid you in becoming the healthiest and most in shape you that you can be. There are six different online tools including the Food-A-Pedia, the Food Tracker, the Physical Activity Tracker, My Weight Manager, My Top 5 Goals, and My Reports. Let’s take a closer look at each!

: This tool allows you to compare nutritional information for two foods side by side from a database of over 8,000 food choices. The Food-A-Pedia can be great for comparing two snacks side by side. For example, I’d like to compare an apple and a bag of potato chips for my afternoon snack. Right off the bat, I can see a complete nutritional breakdown for each product and am able to make an informed decision. The apple has 72 calories and 0g fat, 3 g fiber, and 1 mg sodium; whereas, the potato chips are 152 calories, contain 10g of fat (1 g saturated fat), only 1 g fiber, and 147 mg sodium. It appears to me that the apple will be my most nutritious option!

Food Tracker: Ever wondered how that triple fudge sundae factored into your daily food allowance? Well, this is the perfect tool to use! The Food Tracker allows you to enter in your entire food plan for the day and will give you a relatively accurate idea of how well you did in accordance with your target goals. Once you have entered in your personalized information, such as your height, weight, and age, the system will calculate your recommended calorie needs per day and can assist you in planning your daily food plan around that. It will let you know what food groups need to be increased and decreased in the diet and how many calories are allocated for each food item. The Food Tracker is a great starting place for becoming the healthiest you possible!

Physical Activity Tracker: From sewing to weight lifting to water aerobics, physical activity can come in many different forms! I particularly like this tool because it stresses the fact that physical activity is defined as bodily movement that expends energy which includes a lot more than most people would think. This allows you to successfully track your calories and minutes of physical activity in the form that you most desire. So let’s get creative and get movin’ in some way, shape, or form!

My Weight Manager: As you start to feel healthier and look more fit using these great resources, what better way to track your success than the Weight Manager! After you’ve entered your personalized information, you have the option to set a weight goal for yourself and your progress will be tracked with the Weight Manager chart. You can also access your caloric and physical activity history just to see how much of a change you’ve really accomplished. Quick and easy motivation!

My Top 5 Goals: In order to achieve goals, you have to set them first! My Top 5 Goals allows you set goals in the categories of Weight Management, Physical Activity, Calories, Food Groups, and Nutrients. The best part about this portion is that you can have a health coach update you on your progress towards your goals and/or send you motivational messages to keep you on track!

My Reports: In the My Reports section, you are able to view your trends over time in 6 different categories: Food Groups and Calories, Nutrients, Food Details, Meal Summary, Physical Activity, and History Charts. Viewing your trends could give you a good idea of where you stand, how close you are to accomplishing your goals, and what needs to be tweaked for success. It is not IF you will achieve your goals and the healthiest you but it is WHEN, Let’s start SuperTracking today! SuperTracker

Wishing you the best of success and health for 2013 Summer Season!

4/20/2013 1:38:27 AM
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