Why Volunteer with West Feliciana 4-H?

For more than 100 years, 4-H has been empowering youth to speak through action and helping them develop the skills they need to lead the communities of tomorrow.

We need volunteers to lead our programs and help youth throughout Louisiana develop the life skills they need to do well, do good, do-over, do amazing, do STEM, do leadership, do healthy, do differently!

You can help spark change and make a positive difference in the lives of West Feliciana children, as well as support our community.

Help us create a culture and generation of doers. Contact Katlin Lucas to volunteer with West Feliciana 4-H today!

What types of roles do volunteers serve?

Volunteers play a critical role in West 4-H. They generously craft and deliver high-quality educational programs, serve as program leaders and overnight chaperones, maintain advisory positions on 4-H councils and foundation boards, advocate for the needs of our 4-H programs and our members, and enable us to address critical societal issues and contribute to the public good. Without our army of well-trained and hard-working volunteers, our programs would not be able to educate and engage youth each year.

A variety of volunteer roles are available across numerous project areas, including:

  • Project Leader
  • 4-H Club Leader
  • Activity Leader
  • Parish 4-H Organizational Leader
  • 4-H Advisory Committee Member
  • Regional/State 4-H Volunteer
  • Community Club Leader
  • Special Emphasis Volunteer
  • School Enrichment Volunteer

Click this link to learn more about volunteer roles.

How to Become a West Feliciana 4-H Volunteer

To volunteer with West Feliciana 4-H, let our office that you are interested in volunteering. You will need to enroll as a volunteer on 4-H Online. Our office will provide you with a link once you contact us.


Letters to Leaders - Click here to access the Letters to 4-H Volunteer Leaders

The purpose of the Letters to Leaders series is to provide volunteer leaders with the best practices in developing a 4-H youth program and to offer suggestions and ideas for managing a successful 4-H club or project. Each 4-H program is unique, so every idea or suggestion may not apply to each club situation. Therefore, this series should be used as a guide to better understand the 4-H program and ways to organize your club.

Club Leader Handbook - Click here to access the Club Leader Handbook

This handbook is an essential resource for any 4-H club leader. This handbook provides an overview of the 4-H program, essential materials for starting and managing a 4-H club, information on 4-H leader professional development, and club risk management guidelines and procedures.

Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leader Newsletter

In collaboration with the Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association (VLA), the 4-H State Office regularly produces a newsletter with information and resources just for volunteers. You can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking this link, as well as view previous versions:

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