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Winn Parish is located in west central Louisiana and consists of 972 square miles. The parish is 30 miles long (north to south) and 37 miles wide (east to west). Forestry is a leading industry and of extreme importance to the welfare of Winn Parish. Winn Parish is called the "Forestry Capital" as it has over 526,000 acres of timberland covering 92% of parish.

The 2010 census has Winn Parish with a population of 15,500. About 5,000 reside within the city limits and the remaining 10,500 live in the rural areas. Winn has five incorporated municipal areas; Atlanta, Calvin, Dodson, Sikes and Winnfield, the parish seat.

Winnfield is also known as the "City of Three Governors." Governors Huey Pierce Long, Oscar K. Allen and Earl K. Long were all residents of Winnfield.

Winn has three K-12 schools, four senior high schools, (grades 9-12) and five K-8 schools. There is one vocational/ technical school -- the Huey P. Long Technical Institute. The Barnell Institute is located at the Winn Correctional Center. The institute offers literacy courses, adult basic education and vocational technical courses. Many colleges or universities are located near Winnfield.

Winn Parish has a parish library with four branches located throughout the parish.

Mild winters, accessibility to major medical centers, low cost of living, affordable real estate, a relative low crime rate and the picturesque- ness of Winn Parish make it an attractive place for retirees and others.

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