Zongliang (Carl) Jiang

Title Assistant Professor
Department School of Animal Sciences
E-mail ZJiang@agcenter.lsu.edu
Address 1 229B AFSL Building
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone 225-578-5037
Fax 225-578-4890

  • Ph.D., Reproductive Physiology, University of Connecticut, 2015
  • Postdoctoral Associate, Reproductive Biology, University of Connecticut, 2015 - 2016
  • Postdoctoral Associate, Reproductive Biology, School of Medicine, Yale University, 2016 - 2017

  • 2017 - Present, Assistant Professor, School of Animal Sciences, AgCenter, Louisiana State University

  • Placental trophoblast differentiation and function, and diseases of pregnancy.
  • Epigenetic mechanisms of early embryo development.
  • Environmental stress effects on reproduction and epigenetics and its long-range consequences.
  • Pluripotent stem cells in regenerative medicine applications.

  • A novel goat model to characterize the male fertility following paternal cannabis exposure. Therapeutic Cannabis Research (LA TCRC), Principal Investigator. 07/01/2021 - 06/30/2022
  • Epigenetic mechanisms in placental trophoblast development. NIH/NICHD R01, Principal Investigator. 08/01/2020 - 04/30/2025
  • Reconstitution of the oogonia from pluripotent stem cells in vitro - a comparative equine and bovine model to study in vitro oogenesis. ACRES, Principal Investigator. 07/01/2020 - 06/30/2021
  • Fibro/adipogenic Progenitors and Beef Quality. USDA-NIFA, Co-Principal Investigator. 04/01/2020 - 03/31/2024
  • Epigenetic regulation of bovine preimplantation embryo development. USDA-NIFA, Principal Investigator. 07/01/2019 - 06/30/2023
  • Molecular determinants of bovine oocytes and embryos viability. LA Board of Regents, Principal Investigator. 06/01/2019 - 05/30/2023
  • Single cell genomics reconstruction of development trajectories in embryos. The Colorado Foundation for Embryo Research, Principal Investigator. 2019 - present
  • Reconstitution of the bovine oogonia from pluripotent stem cells in vitro. ACRES, Principal Investigator. 07/01/2019 - 06/30/2020
  • CRISPR-based chromatin remodeling of the endogenous pluripotent genes enables generation of bovine induced pluripotent stem cells for use in nuclear transfer. ACRES, Principal Investigator. 07/01/2018 - 06/30/2019

Peer-reviewed publications (*Co-first author, #Corresponding author)

  • Zhu L, Marjani SL, Jiang Z#. The epigenetics of gametes and early embryos and potential long-range consequences in livestock species - filling in the picture with epigenomic analyses. Frontiers in Genetics. 2021 Mar 2; 12:557934. PMID: 33747031.
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