Composing a Professional Email

Camryn Price, Powell, Ashley

In today’s world of technology, email is a common form of communication among businesses and colleagues. Knowing how to compose an email professionally is essential. Here are 10 easy tips to consider when composing emails.

1. Know your goal:

Before you even begin your email, think through what it is you want to achieve from that email.

2. Know your audience:

Who are you sending the email to? Are you addressing a professional you have never met? Use a professional, polished tone. Or are you writing to a co-worker? Use a less formal, friendly tone.

3. Subject line:

The subject line should be a short phrase explaining the reason for your email (Job #123 – Assistant Executive).

4. Greeting:

Again, knowing your audience is key. Use their family name for a professional tone (Dear Mr. Smith). Use their first name if it’s a more familiar relationship (Hi Betsy). Use a generic greeting if their name is unknown (To whom it may concern).

5. Body:

State the purpose of your email. What is your goal? Make sure it is concise and grammatically correct - short and simple. (I am writing to inquire about... I would like to thank you for attending...)

6. Closing:

Use polite closing remarks. Do you need to thank your reader again? Do you need to reiterate any requests made? (Thank you again for your attendance. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please contact me.)

7. Signature:

Identify yourself. Make sure to add information for communicating with you. (Sincerely; Thank you; Best Regards)

8. Proper etiquette:

Be polite and courteous. Make sure your greeting and closing are appropriate. If business related, do not ask for something outside of normal business hours. Be considerate of their time.

9. Proofread: Reread and review to make sure there are no spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors. Did you attach the attachment?

10. Follow-up:

Friendly reminder. If you have not heard back from the email recipient in 2 business days, send a follow-up email.

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