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School is officially out for the summer and a lot of parents and guardians are looking for fun activities for kids. A home garden can serve as an outdoor classroom for showing your kids how and where we get our food while connecting them to nature and the environment. To ensure a successful gardening experience with your child, start small. The best way to kill any interest in gardening is to make it seem like an overwhelming chore. For younger kids’ sandbox-sized plot, container gardens, or even a small herb garden is perfect for younger kids.

Extra ways to get the younger kids involved:

  • Give them their own child-sized tools
  • Have them create plant tags, using pictures for non-readers
  • Give them a pint-sized watering can to use.

So, what type of vegetables or flowers are ideal for kids to plant? Steer them toward large-seeded or fast-growing plants such as:

  • pole beans
  • sunflowers
  • radishes
  • corn
  • morning glories
  • cucumbers
  • pumpkins

Having a themed garden like a pizza garden, salsa garden, or one with rainbow-colored vegetables tends be popular with older kids. Remember to keep it organic; kids and chemicals don’t mix!

Gardening is not only a great learning experience it has also been a proven fact that children are more likely to try a new vegetable or fruit if they have grown it themselves. So have fun this summer planting and trying new gardening experiences!

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