Easing Into the School Routine: Better Mornings and Fewer Power Struggles

As summer ends and school begins, routines will inevitably be changing. Easing your child into their school routine can be beneficial for both you and your child.

Take time before the end of summer by practicing getting up with alarm clocks at a reasonable time, completing your ‘get ready’ routine with them- including breakfast! Work with your child by challenging them to ‘timed races’ and encourage improving their time.

Visual charts may also be helpful and can reduce your need to go through a “did you do X, Y, and Z?” question game. Have your child check off the list in a preferred order to help ‘remind’ them to complete all steps. Keep the chart simple—include the necessities without making the routine an overwhelming chore. Older children may do well with simply a written checklist on the back of their bedroom door or on the mirror in the bathroom. Young children do well with images or photos posted at their height so they can picture themselves completing each step of the routine.

Utilize the night before in an efficient way. Have bags packed, allow your child to choose school clothes, remind them what will be for breakfast, and bathe the night before. Time is crucial in the morning when it seems like every minute counts

Reducing morning time power struggles sets a good day for your child. Sending them to school in a positive mood boosts confidence and positive behavior in school! Establishing an independent morning routine also fosters great self-help skills as well as personal responsibility.

Also remember to provide encouragement and reinforcement for your child! A simple “I noticed you put your shoes on and put your bowl in the sink! That is so helpful, thank you!” Gratitude, no matter how small, is a currency.

8/15/2022 8:15:04 PM
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