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Serving a Vegetable Platter that looks like a turkey is a delicious, nutritious way to incorporate more vegetables into your Thanksgiving feast. This recipe gives a whole new meaning to: Thanksgiving Turkey.


- 1 bundle fresh greens like romaine lettuce, chard, kale, etc.

- 1 bundle celery, cut into 5-inch stalks

- 1 bag baby carrots, whole

- 1 bundle asparagus, ends trimmed

- 2 red bell peppers, seeded, cut in half, sliced horizontally

- 1.5 yellow bell peppers, seeded, cut in half, sliced horizontally

- 1 green bell pepper, seeded, cut in half, sliced horizontally

- 1 pint Grape tomatoes, whole

- 2 cucumbers, sliced

- 1 yellow squash

- 1 black olive, sliced across thinly


Wash all produce and prepare as directed. Arrange greens around edge of platter leaving a 6 inch gap at the bottom. Layer the celery stalks on top of the greens, facing outward. Next, layer the baby carrots facing outward on top of the celery. You may need to stack a few on top of each other. Continue with a thin layer of asparagus. Fill the gap at the bottom with layers of the sliced cucumbers. Fill the center with the grape tomatoes then layer rows of green, yellow, and red peppers on top. To make the legs, slice the ends of two celery stalks into thirds. Insert into the bottom of the cucumber pile with the sliced ends out. To make the face, insert the narrow end of the squash into the cucumber pile. Use two slices of black olives for the eyes. Cut a small triangle shape from the yellow bell pepper to use as the beak, and use a short slice of red bell pepper for the wattle underneath the beak.

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